Saturday, April 18, 2009

pet peeve

which are now OFFICIALLY carryin over from myspace :)

i suppose you can't call it a pet peeve... but i didn't want to make a whole new category for it lolz so whatever... anywho... 

i saw this lil girl (and if you're reading this and you KNOW who i'm talkin bout... don't get offended... cuz the shit is true lolz) posting up pictures on her myspace... thinkin she all that and a bag of sun chips... all posed up next to... none other... than... LIL ZANE


she seemed so proud of those pictures too lolz

i bet you this nigga is listed in the phone book... just waitin to see if anyone calls him remembering ANYTHING about his lame ass lolz


i feel like im portraying a "hater" in this blog... and thats just terrible... but this is MY opinion... as well as MY blog :)... so... blow me <3

hey i'm back!

hahaha from LALALA land! aka Temecula lolz... just jason kiddin with ya... i mean i'm back to using this... even though technically i was barely HERE using it... but yeah... i want to blog on a neutral ground now... because a lot of people tell me to blog here, blog there... so they can keep up... and i usually just restricted myself to myspace... because its the easiest... but i'm gonna try this out for a while :)

... now lets see if i can learn to post pics ;x lolz...

WOOT i got it :)

aaaaanywho... so i suppose i shall start off with sumthing disturbing i saw and plainly obvious if i may explain ina moment... these freaky ass pics of hulk hogan giving his DAUGHTER a rub down ;x EEK... first off... that entire family is a set of doppelgangers! lolz they're clones... and wut did u think would happen when the Hulksters wife leaves him and his son is dragged off to jail... and he's left with his ditzy 18 year old clone of his just recently departed wife?! lolz i'm sure its not as serious as i make it out to be... but STILL... that shit is unacceptable... you make money... hire someone to rub oil on her ass... jeezus this isn't Onion Booties 13! hahahahaha

::sigh:: so hollywood incest just floats through unscathed

anywho... thanks for reading <3

come back for more :)

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