Friday, May 28, 2010

some may know why, some may not... (its not that i told some of you and some of you i didn't, its fucking facebook and it's evil sharing)

but my heart is not in the right place for blogging as of now.

i'm sorry to have just left the challenge right in the middle... but some things you have no control over.

i will most likely still be reading and commenting because i do love u guys and ur blogs so much (and to be honest i wish you guys were all around me to give me one giant group hug right now lolz /gay Iza mode)

and i can still be caught on twitter and facebook (facebook more often than twitter, feel free to add me, the link is over there on the right somewhere)

so thank you guys for coming this far with me! something tells me i'll be back bigger, better, and stronger ;)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

tell me about your favorite high fat piece of clothing

more than a few of you may know about the goings on having to do with a certain video and a certain plus size fashion mag lolz... here's a couple really good posts on some bloggers' specific opinions... the lovely NikStar's post here and the wonderful (but sadly no longer blogging ::super sad face::) Literal Gemini here.

but yeah... these posts and my opinion on this situation is NOT why i'm here (just thought i'd share a little bit of background in case you were tardy for the party ;P)... i'm here now because this whole controversy about (yet again) clothes that "flatter" (aka LOW fat and NON fat clothes lmao!!!) and clothes that may NOT "flatter" but make you happy anyways... got me thinking about something i wanna know about YOU guys, my fantastic readers :)

of course this whole "how to dress fat people so they look skinny" situation isn't anything new for the fat/plus fashion community... but i do know that many (not ALL) of the blogs i read and the bloggers that follow me choose to dress themselves in clothes that make them FEEL GOOD... not necessarily what plays down their fat (as is currently being advised in some videos/blogs/books/etc)... 

so my request from my readers is... tell me about a favorite-wear all the time-could never part with even if it had a dozen holes in it item in your closet that is totally against the "fashion rules" (e.g. horizontal stripes, bright colors, makes you top heavy when you're narrow on the bottom, vice versa, etc.) and if you don't have one... tell me about something that you have always wanted to have in your closet that may be considered "unflattering" by some but still makes your heart flutter and puts a smile on your face whenever you see it or try it on.

i'm not at all trying to convert people away from wearing what "flatters" them... if that is the way you like to shop then i'm sure it makes you happy :) that's all that matters... i just wanna know about something that may be considered unconventional or even unattractive on your size/shape/frame/whatever BUT you still love it regardless.

i don't know if this is a weird request lolz... but i'd really like to know this about you guys :)

my items would have to be my ultra skinny jeans that have a weird light acid-ish wash and totally hug the hell out of my ankles lolz someone even said they make my legs look like "ham hocks" LMAO but they are still my favorites!... and another growing favorite is red lipstick :) even though it makes my lips look super itty bitty... i love how sexy i feel in it! 

Don't go. I'll eat you up; I love you so.
Where the Wild Things Are (book & movie)

it's been "those" kind of days lately... and i still have a week to go...


Gorgeous Gazel

is having a give away! woohooooooo for either this lovely bag or this adorable bracelet

you totally need to visit her blog, Bonjour Gazel, and check out her great outfits and great give away! :) <3 <3 <3

here is the original post for the give away

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NDOTD 16/25

bummin round the house
bought a coupon (mmmm can't wait to eat! lolz)
shitty pedicure (which i won't even torture you guys with a picture of, it was a great concept just reaaaally crappy execution! :( i'm gonna find a place that will create it the way i see it in my head, bastards)
yumm yumm yummmm sushi spot for dinner

i dunno why this juxtaposition of photos makes me lawlz, maybe cuz it looks like two sides of me and one thinks the other is a fuckin nut job? hahaha

[dress - ross, old
leggings - beauty supply, old (actually they're dark brown, not black as they appear to be)
random bangle and charm bracelet
Love ring
green swallow ring
pink glitter bow earrings]

i was gonna wear a cami underneath this dress but i changed my mind ;) i've always liked taking advantage of my membership in the itty bitty titty committee by wearing low cut tops/dresses.

Ask me anything

Monday, May 24, 2010

nails done did diddity doo dah (& NDOTD)

on a side note, i kind of hate how bad grammar is so popular (e.g. "gettin my hair/nails did")... on a side side note here's a nifty site to help people learn how to use "i.e." and "e.g." (i myself just learned ;) lolz) HERE

first off...

[just threw this together because i had to get some groceries... and nail polish lolz... my pictures are never as pretty when they're not taken outside so i battled the wind on this one lolz
magenta v-neck - wal mart, old
floral dress - this is actually the same dress from here (13/25) & here (dress underneath the plaid tunic) that i turned into a skirt by tucking the top part in and belting it in sort of a bag skirt way
jean jacket - faith21
belt -thrifted
bangles - h&m
men's Puma slip on sneakers - footlocker ($20 on sale a few months back)]

anywho... i have been dyyying for a perfect grey nail polish (just plain grey, no sparkle or metallic) ever since i saw Curvy Girl Chic's pedicure here... but i have had absolutely no luck (in stores that is, i'm not a very big online buyer)! but in the process i have come across a couple really good buys :)

first on the left is the new nail polish line from Rimmel in Black Satin... i was drawn to the Rimmel display by this supposed "steel grey" 
photo from the real deal reviews blog
which looks like nothing more than taupe to me! poop! really pretty color though but NOT grey, at least not to me! anyways so i was really drawn to the packaging... when you hold the bottle it feels like you're holding an ice cube :D... and the brush is like super wide and curved at the end
image from Google
even though it could do with a little bit more tapering/thinning at the end... because of the fact that its so wide and thick when you put on nail polish the way (i assume) most of us do... you get a large amount of polish at the cuticle line... but maybe it just takes getting used to... i kind of like how i can just do my pink nails in one swoop though lolz ;)... yeah so i was very attracted to the packaging so i decided i should at least buy one bottle (plus its really good quality/value for about $4)... so i chose the good old never failing black (which you can see i've been wearing the past few days)... i don't know about you guys but i usually always swatch a fingernail before i buy polish and i was kind of hesitant because the first coat of this black went on really sheer... and the 2nd coat seemed really streaky and uneven and NOT opaque... but i went with my gut and bought it anyways... and when i did my manicure at home i guess it was just my application technique in the store because it turned out great at home! to be honest i only wore it for like 3 days (i removed it today because i really wanna wear the Orly one)... but it did stay super shiny for those few days and it really is the best black polish i've ever worn. i plan on buying more polishes (once they come out with some more shades!) from this Rimmel line.

okay so today in the search for a grey polish i was scouring my local Sally's Beauty Supply and saw that they had these Orly matte polishes ON SALE! soooo you know i had to snatch at least one (sadly there are only 3 shades available in the matte! :'( but i think i may have to go back and get one of the other 2, either matte black or this matte burgundy (at least thats what i think it was lolz) ok i just googled it and they actually ONLY have 3 matte shades in the entire brand, POOP! and its more of a purple-ish/eggplant not burgundy) aaanyways... so the Orly matte polish was $3.99 from $5.99 (it says they retail for $7.50 tho so i don't kno wuts up with Sally's)... aaand i'm about to apply it and perhaps try this nail fun-do with it! (from this blog)

here's what these 2 look like on me

so the hunt for grey goes on!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

she's my queeeen to beeeeeeeeeeeeee

enjoyed all the freebies at this wedding expo today (for my cousin, not me! lolz) chocolate fondue fountains, pina colada cake, free photo booths OH MY! quite fun actually :) then had a delicious dinner at this aaaaawesome dumpling house in butt fuck Arcadia lolz totally worth the drive though! mmmmmmmmm!!!!

one of my favorite joys is making goofy faces at a camera :)

[images from google]

apparently Din Tai Fung Dumpling House is very famous and this one in Arcadia is one of only about 9 or 10 in the world! (the only one in North America)... even though the locations are so very few the prices are insanely cheap (not what i expected)... $45 for a delicious dinner for 4 including dessert! i totally recommend this place if ur in/near/ever in this area!

NDOTD update

yesssss i know i've been lagging to share my NDOTDs but i've just been so blah as far as outfits go lolz... have been uber bored lately, to the point where i feel like maybe i shoulda took summer classes :/ anywho... here goes the last 4 days, including today. and don't worry guys i haven't been cheating! lolz even though i miss my denim so intensely and i'm so jealous of everyone i see in jeans :'(

super duper boring town :| i didn't do anything thursday except go to dinner last minute (BOILING CRAB!) so i just threw on this dress that i wore the hell out of all last summer... no accessories, no cute shoes, nothin! and i couldn't even take half way decent pictures of it BLAH lolz i feel like a fashion failure this day, but wutever :)

purple paisley strapless dress w/pockets - gift

i really enjoy how the largeness of this tunic makes for really interesting draping when belted :)
[3/4 sleeve tunic w/satiny trim - H&M ($10 on sale, size L fits more like a 3x/2x(as a tunic) MAKE IT WORK ;) (great advice from ALL the Fatshionistas!)
black leggings - ross
belt - thrifted
Dolce Vita gladiators - ross
bracelets and ring on my left hand - charlotte russe (both for $8)
black large jewel heart ring - gift]

[laundry day :)
white with grey floral print halter (made halter after regular straps broke lolz) - old
jean jacket - faith21
brown atb bag - thrifted
flippy floppies]

[this is how much i love you guys, i actually kept my whole outfit on and took photos when i got home! thats me in my back yard at like 10 o'clock lolz
plaid tunic - islands plus, old
black spandexy leggings - beauty supply
men's braided leather belt - target, old
studded gladiators - ross, $15]

[i just bought this reaaaally cute silver charm necklace from Nordstrom Rack the other day for $5! 
silver snake ring, diamond studded ring, and bangles (minus the 1 with the dangling heart) - charlotte russe
stone ring & heart charm bangle - farmer's market ($1)]

wooot, passed the half way point! :D

Saturday, May 22, 2010

the way (straight) men love lesbians

i love guys who bond.

there's been a lot of Rob & Big reruns on mtv and while watching another episode and chuckling at all the things that this tiny white pro skater and this big black behemoth of a bodyguard do together on a daily basis i realize how much i LOVE (and by love i don't mean the usual casual connotation that you guys probably notice i use all the time, but trust me has no less severity!) male camaraderie... i love movies like the Woodthe Hangover and I Love You Man... and shows like Rob & Big and Scrubs (in this case specifically for the relationship between JD & Turk)... i can't explain what it is but there's something about men, especially men who appear/seem to be an unconventional pair, hanging out and doing things together and laughing together that just feels so pure and so endearing... i can't help but watch... i'm not going to say Rob & Big is my favorite show... but there is just something about these guys and the stuff they do together that makes it really easy to watch over and over again. and with that i'll leave you guys with some funny/my favorite male-istic no homo love :)

[HOW hot is bradley cooper in that black suit?!]

[that last bit might've been a bit too 'mo lolz but i still love it]

these muthafuckers made their own cereal based on Good Friends cereal lmao you really can't have a better roll dog than the one who will do shit like this wit you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


NDOTD 9/25

yesterday was sucha an icky feeling day... had a final at 8am, it was raining after so many beautiful days of sun (!!!) had to deal with some drama that got my heart palpitating lolz... anyways... i felt like an old stick in the mud in this outfit, to be honest... not that i didn't think it was cute but nothing struck me as unique so i felt like and old poop (do you sense my "never gonna grow up" attitude a little here lolz)
but i like to compensate for my boring attire by acting like a nut! :) i think my neighbors think i'm a total crazy by now lolz
[blue cowl neck tunic - ross
black pea coat - island plus
black leggings - target
black otk boots - charlotte russe
not pictured: 2 finger hearts ring & large studded diamond shape ring]

NDOTD 10/25

another way to compensate is to dress in something that i TOTALLY love ;) donezo!

you like how i had a natural Marilyn Monroe up skirt thing going here huh ;) lmao
and a ferocious red lip to break up the monotones :) 
[white v-neck - wal mart
black and grey floral skirt - target (8$ on sale)
black spandex-y leggings - beauty supply
black belt - thrifted
grey cardi sweater thing (someone PLEASE tell me wut these are called!) - wal mart, old
silver charm necklace - gift
Love 2 finger ring & black heart shaped ring (gift)]

have you ever gotten ugly in the mail?


last weekend i was lucky enough to win the lovely Mrs. Macready's (from Making Macready's blog) give away!

here are her hand made Uglies, i let her surprise me and choose the one i'd get and she chose perfectly :)

and she is just so prompt! lolz i got my adorable Ugly (yes she really calls them Uglies lolz) today! yay!

You should totally go check out her adorable blog Making Macready's!