Wednesday, April 28, 2010

is blogging vain?

i just started thinking right now, because i remember seeing earlier today on tv that in some asian country (sorry i cant remember which) they have the highest concentration of food blogs/bloggers (people who's entire blogs are about food and restaurants), and i thought to myself... what does america have the highest concentration of, as far as blog content? (cuz i was doing that "next blog" thing) and each blog was "so and so's life journey" "my random ramblings" "me" "so and so's path to becoming a porn star" whatever! point being... they were all pretty self centered blogs... and i got to thinking... is it vain that all we wanna write about is ourselves and anything that has to do with US? i also am guilty of this on my blog... so im not trying to point fingers or anything or try and make a movement for "selfless blogging"... i was just wondering out loud... and for a split second i thought... i should start a new blog like "chronicles of Jason Ziegfried (a random man)" and just really blog about somebody OTHER than myself or post things that have nothing to do w/me or what i like or what i dont or any of that... hmmmmm... interesting right?

i mean... is it, in the end, to our benefit that we like to write/share/blog about our selves and our life conquests? or are we using our right to free speech to stroke our ego's? lolz... i dunno...

end of random thought process.


Dooney & Bourke & Cid

Cid from Cid's Style File is having a friggin amazing give away for this super cute sailor themed mini D&B bag! how awesome!!! check out Cid's original post and all the details on the give away here and make sure to give her a good following! ;P


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i shoulda wore green today!

first off... let's go CELTICS!!!!!!! thank you for taking out Miami tonight so that I can enjoy my birthday dinner on Thursday without having to worry about game 6 lolz ;)
my favorite starting 5 ;) [pic from the Boston Herald]

[ahhh to watch EVERY game w/my poppa from these seats = HEAVEN! (MY pic from our actual seats last december! ::gloat:: ;))]

I dragged my non sports enthusiast cousin to watch this game with me... well more like have food and talk to me while I watch the game going on behind her head ;) lolz THANKS Lanella <3 before that we had went to her job (Forever 21!) and tried on some things... i'm usually always broke now a days but with my birthday this Thursday i have some birthday paper rollin in lolz so i wanted to see if there was anything ahead of time that i really wanted... here's some stuff i tried on...

some shoes from Aldo, the wedges are fucking DYNAMITE! but i love the style of the lace up with the stacked little heel... i wish the laces were REAL though because it would allow for more comfort for my footsies... hopefully someone makes an affordable version soon with actual working laces ;) yeah-uh

here's what i tried on at Forever, all things from the Faith 21 section and the peachy orange top is my own (from old navy) and sorry i couldn't find any of these pieces online :(
[i love love LOOOVE this skirt :D probably gonna buy it tomorrow... i asked my cousin why the hell they ALWAYS have to add that black elastic band to EVERY plus sized skirt (the affordable ones anyways) and she told me they just like doing that to fat girls lolz, don't worry gals she's a curvy female too! i just love criticizing plus sized fashion* with her sometimes!... anywho, sorry sidetracked lolz, the skirt is a polka dot denim with 2 pockets in the front... i reaaaaally like the way it looks! if i dont get this 1 i will 4 sure get a similar one (maybe the blue 1 with the tie that i've seen Gabi rock so awesomely ;))]

[i'll share this skirt even though i didn't like it very much... it's a black and white almost silk fabric with the dreaded black elastic band of doom ;/ i dont mind the band its just that i like the way a-line or flared skirts look on me better than this almost straight down cut]

[now i gotta say that this picture does not do the shape of this floral tea party dress any justice! i love EVERYTHING about it! and i'll admit, when it comes to dressing i don't really do the all over demure covering up thing... im not too endowed in the chest so i take advantage and wear low cut tops and i love my legs so i love a mini length/short anything but this dress has a pretty high neckline and is quite long, imo... yet i am still totally in love with it. wearing this dress makes me feel like a lady ;D LOLZ im thinking i'll buy it and make it my go-to weddings dress ;) yay or nay?]

[now this is my FAAAAVORIGHT! and is gonna be a definite buy! (if u guys see me on twitter tomorrow trying to be cheap and trying to convince myself NOT to buy this... please virtua-slap me!) it fits me perfectly! love the summery/sailor-ish print, button details on the chest, strapless, short length, empire waist, and i think if i remember correctly... it has pocketsss!!!!... just lovely :) seriously guys... if u smell any wiff of me saying im not gonna buy this tomorrow... punch me in the head!]

hopefully my shopping turns out well tomorrow! FINALLY (hopefully) going to make my way to H&M! bout time! lolz can't wait to share w/u guys


* i meant bad plus sized fashion :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

old navy, old navy, old navy performance fleece!

i miss the old... old navy commercials lolz

anywho picked up a few things from old navy yesterday. its been sooo long since i've bought anything there but i was quite happy with my purchases, especially since they were all on sale ;)

but first i must start off with something thats always bothered me the most about being plus sized... i've never really focused too much on "oh all the cute clothes are in straight sizes" "i WISH this fit me" yadda yadda... i figure if it doesnt come in my size... or in a size that fits me, its not meant to be! so i don't dwell on those things at all... but something that has always bothered me when it comes to plus sized fashion is how a majority of the time we have to rely on STRETCH. rather than making things in our size with real fabric... they just make everything stretchy! which really makes me feel more fashionably limited than anything else could... i want clothes that fall on my body and accentuate it properly and when taken off of my body look like they're actually made for someone MY size!... rather than clothes that want to suffocate and encase my body as if it were some kind of sausage meat :( and when i take it off all i see are spandex on the tag, stretchy panels, those ties to create a shape, ruching and a shape that u usually have to tell yourself "oh it stretches, then that'll fit me" BLAH! i hate it lolz and honestly i can't explain why... i guess i just want our clothes to be made with the care and tailoring that straight sized clothes are made with... with darts and seams and zippers in the back or side... ::sigh:: (don't get me wrong guys, there are certain pieces that, of course, are made specifically to stretch. those are not the ones i'm referring to here)

anyways, to get back on track lolz, i wanted to share all this because i got an amazing top yesterday at old navy... it looks like just another one of those racer back tanks with the little pocket on one side... but its actually made of polyester so NO STRETCH... and it fits me amazingly :) it just really made me happy the way it moves and just sits on my body! buying this shirt and trying it on really reminded me how much i hate the concept of stretch lolz

[white polyester tank - $4.99 (sale)]

[orange-y/peach racer back tank - $4.97 (sale)]

[flared, striped, cotton skirt - $10.99 (sale)]

nothing too special but i can't wait to wear all of these when the weather settles into summer :)


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday and some awards! :)

written yesterday a couple days ago ;/ sorry procrastination got to me, so...

saw this on Hey Jayka :) and followed it back to The Little Things We Do... and now i'm gonna do it, yay to simple Fridays!

1.) The first thing i do in the morning is roll around a bit and decide whether i need to be up or not or if i have something of particular importance to do that day.
[ikea = perfect]

2.) Every night before bed i say goodnight to my Bae <3

3.) My favorite thing to do when i'm having a bad day is eat a super delicious meal, shop, laugh with my favorite people, get kisses from my Yogi Bear.

4.) Something that makes me cringe is maggots... i... fucking... hate... maggots... i'm like so anal about having flies in my home or around me because i know they make maggots. u best believe i'm not posting a photo of maggots here! lolz

5.) Social situations are something i enjoy. depending of course, on the crowd in which i gotta socialize with, my attitude at the time, etc. in the end, i love meeting new people... that can never go wrong right?!

6.) I like to collect small containers, containers in general lolz... i dunno i've always loved organizing by putting everything in a designated container... i also like to collect cheap clothes lolz... and big unique cocktail rings.

7.) Weekends are for doing everything you couldn't do during the week! that includes playing, eating, cleaning, boozing... whatever! thats wut the weekends are for! for those who work... your weekends are when you're off... so even if its a wednesday... if you're off... go do whatever the fuuuuuuck you wanna do! ;) this sums it up perfectly:

hope u all enjoyed this :) and maybe do it next Friday!

and now on to some awards... i've been meaning to repost... but Stephanie, with her giant blog awards post, has finally inspired me to do it! :)

so first off is the Beautiful Blogger Award that i got from Hello Dacey and Literal Gemini (from STOP! You're Broke Blog) THANK YOU BUNCHES LADIES! ;D even though they have totally different blogs... u should totally check them out and give them a follow!

Beautiful Blogger Award rules:
- thank the person(s) who nominated you and give a link to their blog.
- copy the award and paste it to your blog.
- pass this award on to 15 fantastic bloggers you have discovered.
- contact your nominees and let them know they've won.

its hard to find lovely bloggers who haven't already gotten this award... but i'm gonna go ahead and pass it on to...

1) Gazel (Bonjour Gazel!)
2) Linda (Lovin Linda)
3) Jennifer (Jasifer Lions Club)
4) Weesha (Weesha's World)
5) Lodi (Fat and Foxy)
6) Envy Chic (Beauty in Denial)
7) Dacia (Vu la-la)
9) Monique (Curves and Chaos)
11) Amanda Allison (Fashion, Love, and Martinis)
13) Kiyanna (The Mind of a Student)
15) The Ladies from Making No One Proud

and next up iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis... 
the Oh My Blog! Award :) from the insanely lovely Stephanie at Buttons, Bows, and Brogues! <3
Oh My Blog Award rules:
- get really excited that you got the coolest award EVER.
- choose ONE of the following options for accepting the OMB! Award:
     (a) get really drunk and blog for 15 minutes straight, or for as long as you can focus.
     (b) write about your most embarrassing moment.
     (c) write a "soundtrack of your childhood" blog.
     (d) make your next blog vblog (video blog, basically you talking to the camera about whatever.)
     (e) take a picture of yourself first thing in the morning before you do anything else (makeup, brush hair,
          etc.) and post it.
- pass the award on to at least three, but preferably more, awesome bloggers like yourself!


will do the 2nd part soon, not quite sure which one i'll do tho

and i'm gonna go ahead and pass this on toooooooooooo::

- Allison (Curvy Girl Chic)
- Lauren (Sam Witwicky)

heh it took me 3 days to complete this blog, sheesh Iza get ur shit together lolz



blog posts! lolz it didn't take me long to get here... but you guys know me... i have a lot of rambling/jibber jabber/random posts lolz... but hey... its still 100 :) i was gonna try and make this all memorable or be full of useful things... but i'm not! my 100th post will be just like me, random & fun & hillarious & dumb lmao which is exactly what this super cool video i found is! (don't be scared! and don't be so perverted!) and i'm sorry its not a vblog but i'm kind of self conscious right now with this cut i have on the corner of my mouth :'( but i PROMISE... vblog soon ;D

<3 Iza!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

short sleeved city safari

i think this will become my go-to bummy outfit :) instead of jeans and a hoodie. its not hard to put on skinnys, a white v-neck, and this awesome short sleeved safari coat! i kno its more like a short sleeved trench but its made of linen so it really gives me an African safari vibe ;) wish i owned that hat lolz

anywho here's my actual OOTD

[axcess by liz claiborne linen coat - check this out... $6! (Ross ;)), white v-neck, paris blues skinny jeans (old), flip flops, scarab ring - thrifted, brown wood earrings (old), brown wood bangle - farmer's market on campus]


tickling my creativity bone

Allison (from Curvy Girl Chic) was looking for a new header for her blog... so it being after midnight and me being extremely bored and rolling with my chronic insomnia... i took on the challenge :) she always uses crystal renn in her header so i thought i'd just continue that theme and then used some really curvy and delicate text with a few swirlys added here and there... here were the outcomes... and for really quick stuff... i'm very fond of them :) so thats why im sharing... if any of you guys need a new/different (fairly simple) header for your blog (or any other personal sites) and are not really handy with photo editors (and/or don't have the time) feel free to hit me up if u like what u see :) i'll totally make u one for free.

(obviously they're a bit larger than this lolz)


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

deadly sinning

my current lustsssss

[all from Alloy. i don't kno if too many ppl kno, but they have a pretty nice extended size selection :) 
-i need a denim shirt and/or dress like asap, 
-and u'll see i've got an ongoing trend with the tribal stuff & i think this red 1 would look marvelous :), 
-i love showing off my back and this really has that 90's floral feeling, 
-and i kno its a little late for sweaters... but c'mon... this is just perfect!]

-i have been obsessed with this top since it came out on the online store, then i tried it on and its just soooooo pretty! i can't bring myself to buy it tho :(. 
-super cute espadrilles 
-and u kno i love anything thats adjustable for my wide footsies & these look super cool too (low key low budget version of the Dolce Vita ones i lust for here)]

[all from Torrid
-awesome tribal pattern. 
-i have a thing for simple tanks with really unique details. 
-and this is just plain pretty :).]

[i've been eyeing this top from Evans for some time... i would wanna fancy it up by wearing it as a short cocktail dress :) it looks really nice in the grey also]

now ever since i saw this pic of Pharrell in a denim biker jacket on the Hello Dacey blog, here, i cannot stop lusting after one for myself! 

i looove this one from the Gap!!! its pretty much exactly what i want, perfect cut, perfect wash, perfect everything! (it only goes up to XL tho ;/ but the Gap runs kind of big for me so i might be able to fit that! heh, if i actually get anything on this list... it'll probably be this jacket lolz)

and then i found this one on an actual biker website lolz (
really cool looking too! (more like a real biker jacket) and since its a mens jacket i wouldn't have to worry about sizing :)

ugh i swear online window shopping is so much worse than actual window shopping sometimes :(


Monday, April 19, 2010

lady like monster ootd

ran a few errands, bargain orgasm'd, saw my besty and her hubby's new crib, hung out with my cuzzz :) = nice day.

when i pictured this outfit in my head... i really wanted to set my hair in some rods and have super curly Annie hair and top it off with the headband... but i was low on time and didn't have enough to set my hair properly... here is the failed attempt (set for about 20 mins before showering) but it wasn't how i wanted it (not that it didnt look nice, maybe for another day)

so heres the outfit w/my regular sucky hair lolz... i swear me & the time management!

[graphic tee (actually says "Sexy Beast" at the bottom lolz) - Ross (old), blue skirt - thrifted (for details see here), belt - thrifted, daisy fuentes sandals - Kohls (old), headband, blue pearl earrings, and silver/turquoise ring - all from LBC farmers market, & random bracelets]

my life is pretty casual so i don't plan a lot of non fun outfits lolz... so since i bought this skirt i'd been thinking about a fun way to wear it... and i've had this graphic tee for a while... and i thought it'd be perfect with the really demure skirt... this outfit really makes me feel fun and crazy! yay for that :)


old Daisy Fuentes sandals fix

so i got these really cute daisy fuentes sandals from Kohls like yeaaaars ago (as a matter of fact i wore them on my first date with my bf :) <3 awww... and that was over 2 years ago lolz) ive kept them around cuz i really like them... but i never wear them because the straps are too tight and uncomfortable for my wide load feet :P... so i decided last night that i'd do some editing ;)

here's the before:

so i snipped that strap at the sandal base (it weaves through three flowers and ends up entering the base again at the lower inside of the sandal):
(sorry the sandals aren't the same, i go back & forth between the left and the right)

so then i took the strap that i snipped and tucked it back and knotted it around another criss crossing strap right underneath one of the flowers so that its hidden when i wear them ;)

and you can't even tell a strap is missing ;)

so i should be sportin these more often now that they're not so painful :)

hope this helps if any of u gals are experiencing footie pain do to uncomfy sandals u may own... just a little editing might just make them wearable again ;)

u guys like my chinese new year pedicure? (red with gold glitter on top ;))

Bargain Orgasm... oh how i've missed thee!

lolz... well i have! i was at walmart just to get something real quick and i spied this on the $5 dollar rack! ahem... not that the clearance rack was anywhere near my designated object of purchase... but thats not important is it? lolz... i really really like the print, it really reminds me of spanish tile :)
and its a very nice pale yellow color with some taupe and white... i got it in a 2x cuz i wanted it to fit more like a very slouchy tunic and i also wanted to be able to wear it with a belt if i chose. it has gathers at the neck, 3/4 cinched sleeves (which are pretty big on me but eh) and slits on each side. i thought this would make a nice addition to my summer spread ;)

nothin like a bargain orgasm to shake off the Mondays! ;)