Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is one thing you would change about your hair?

VOLUME! ugh, i used to have such lovely and thick hair back in middle school... but then in highschool i started intense dying and bleaching... and that totally thinned my hair out :( if i could take something back having to do with my body/image... it would have been all that destructive hair dying :/

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Love you Iza...everything will be ok. Time is the best healer :)

thank you lovely :) whoever you are lolz... things have healed but i've also been reevaluating why i was doing the things i was doing the last couple of years, including blogging... i'm still in a weird transition mode... so i hope you all are bearing with me <3

Ask me anything

What is your favorite thing to wear? ex:shorts...dresses...jeans

i suppose it all depends on the season, even though i know California doesn't have the biggest weather variations lolz... i looove to wear dresses in the summer... its either dresses or shorts... just so easy to work with and always super comfy... during the colder times of the year nothing is better than a pair of great fitting jeans a loose top and a cute and well structured jacket :)

Ask me anything

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

no more truffle shuffle

'memba him? (photos from TMZ)


Chunk clearly no longer has anymore truffle to shuffle lolz

Monday, June 7, 2010

bargain orgasm

lovely lovely come up from wal mart today :)

i got all 6 of these items for $3.00 today!
each gloss was bundled with one of those makeup remover pens for $1
and the skin matching makeup was paired with a primer, both for a $1
NEVER underestimate your clearance bucket ladies and gents! ;)

quick review: the glosses are BEAUTIFUL! i usually am a bad judger of how colors will look on me... but both of these were quite pleasing... the lighter one being more nude but very shimmery (perfect with a smoky eye) and the other one being a pinker shade of my own natural lip color (less shimmery, which i will love for every day wear)... have yet to test out the makeup removers but if you're like me you rarely use them so i can't expect much... but hey if they work on the occasional mascara smudge or red lipstick smear.. then poof! they've already paid for themselves! lolz... i tried the skin matching makeup without the primer... and it seems to work well... not bad coverage but i think i chose a shade too light for me... i may go out tomorrow and see if theres a medium available (because this one is a light medium, which i guess i am NOT lolz) i don't want to go out like one of those people who's face is a totally different shade than their neck :x... so i'll experiment with this with the primer on and during natural sunlight and we'll see how i like it for actual public wear.

i also purchased a couple of simple tee shirts with this fun front pocket detail... its just a regular front chest pocket but the seam on the side of it goes all the way down... exactly like this shirt does (my shirts are pretty much just like this one except maybe not as long and i think the pocket may be on the opposite side)
[this one is from new york & co.]

i can never get enough light weight and relaxed fit tees especially with the current weather... i got one in white and one in a very nice royal blue... i thought they were $3 each... but to my surprise they were $1 at the register... lovely luck of mine (funny enough on an actual day when i had money to throw around!)

Friday, June 4, 2010

look ma i can pick out my own clothes!

this was from yesterday... pleaaase don't mind my stink face! lolz 
tank - old navy ($3 at the 30% off clearance sale)
skirt & belt - thrifted (i failed to notice until i was out during my day in the blazing bright sunlight, that this skirt actually has an intense shimmer lolz)
sandals - ross ($12, couldn't help buying these for the price, comfort, and name! lolz the style is called Pasta ;D the iza has a soft spot for any kind of pasta)

step ya game up

1 is kind of whatever... but i think i'm gonna make it a point to seek out a nice hybrid of 2-7 (ahem, and then some lolz) :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

benny and the jetsssss doo doo dootoo dooo

i'm sure for a majority of us music plays a very large part in the healing process... and at this point in time i myself am looking for more uplifting and cliche' post-breakup type stuff (yes, i know... lolz but they really do make me feel better)

[photos from google]

so i want to know what YOU guys listen to during tough times... not just tough times of the heart... tough times in general... what song always uplifts you and manages to make you feel better! and i don't care what genre it is... if a trance electronica song makes u feel good... tell me what it is! :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

lovely lovely wooden eyelet platforms from torrid mmmm :)

fuck it

i realize it is absolutely NOT helping me sitting here being sad and pathetic and acting like a big ol' bag of poop... i think i will keep my self busy this summer... and what better way to stay busy then to bombard you guys with blog posts :)

but first... just for me... i will share some things that totally make me happy and are keeping my spirits up!

[pics from google & facebook, thank you Kiyanna for tagging me :)]

just gotta keep it positive and keep moving forward guys... thank you all for the support and love... i figure i'll need a lot more before this is over lolz