Wednesday, September 29, 2010

something i came across in 2007

Maya de Valle

To all the boys I've loved before.Part 1

We are not your mothers!
You have been weaned from the breast of a woman for years
Yet you come to us wounded and half filled with promises you can only keep half the time
Trying to suck a lost sense of self dry
We have become much too accustomed to sleepless nights and damp pillows
Have become much too accustomed to waiting for our empty beds to be weighed down with the bodys of men, heavy with the scent and the hands of other women
and we simply wanting to be loved and to love ourselves unconditionally
Simply wanting the truth of whether you can really love us or not.
Play Hester Prynne
Place scarlet letters on our chest
Become adulteresses, cheating ourselves out of what we truly deserve
Willing to settle for less
Willing to act like a little less then a goddess
Willing to sleep with the enemy
Men to scared to stop acting like boys, thinking we can love away their scars
So we take the lashes of their insecurities they pour on us
And lick our wounds in quiet mourning for the little girls that we lose by the minute.

Part 2
You said you had a photographic memory.
But apparently you forgot that honesty begins by being real with yourself and the ones you claim you love
The truth cannot be hidden
Whats clouded in darkness will always come to light my love.
You should have known that,
claiming you saw my light so clearly and brightly
I guess shit happens
I just wish it wasnt me
And I guess its so much better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all
I know thats some easy shit to say but Im still gonna try to live by it
Im still gonna try to put my faith to rest in it
I will sleep on dry pillows now in a bed big enough to love myself in.
I will awake these coming mornings with my eyes dry and shiny, full of the knowledge
I am priceless and worth nothing but honesty
I will remove this scarlet letter from my chest
And take the hand of the little girl I used to be and say Im sorry to her
Im sorry for cheating you out of the joy you have always deserved
And I will wait for a man to come along that can give me the truth of how much he can really love me

Thursday, September 23, 2010

If you could go only to one restaurant for the next five years, which would it be?

either Ismi (my favorite sushi place that actually closed down :'() or Phuket Thai! i love ethnic food, i could eat it foooorever!

Ask me anything

What was the best concert you went to?

the very first one i've ever been to, MCR at the Wiltern... small venue before they got very big... and with my besty :)

Ask me anything

Who's the sexiest man alive?

jay baruchel ;) the sexiest body part will always be the brain!

Ask me anything

What did you eat for breakfast today?

i usually eat breakfast around lunch time so i haven't had breakfast food at home in quite some time... i had some grilled chicken and a salad (blegh, i know! lols)

Ask me anything

If you could look like anybody, who would it be?

um MYSELF :)... with less of a double chin, smaller sideburns, aaand maybe bigger boobies ;) lols

Ask me anything

the distortion lens that is the media (started in May, just decided to finish this right now lols soooorry)

i regularly check out Yahoo's front page stories, whatever they may be, because they throw themselves at me whenever i need to check my e-mail... but one of my favorite sections that i don't mind checking out on the regular is their celebrity style opinions (courtesy of OMG! from Yahoo), in this case their What Were They Thinking weekly (?) photo slide show...

this weeks slide show header included "Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Holmes don disgusting denim"... first off, what is SO disgusting about these jeans? anyone?

i'll admit sjp isn't really all put together in the black tube top and pepto pink cardi but those jeans are hot! especially with the knee biker stitching detail... oh and matched with those clogs! it almost makes up for that top half lols :P

as far as miss katie goes, yes its pretty tomboyish... but i think it still looks pretty good... maybe some more feminine accessories would've helped her out like a flower in the hair or more feminine hair do or some big gold baubles on her fingers.

i just wanted to vent about how sometimes the media's criticizing eye is REALLY off... (see my post here about MKO's wrongly dissed outfit lols)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I LOVE MY READERS! (giveaway!)

and that is why, my lovely people, i am FINALLY having my giveaway that i have been promising for months! i've been slowly collecting these accessories over the last few months (and i'm sure before i choose a winner i'm going to add a few other little surprises here and there! :))

giveaway details:

[this is the one i bought myself today, i'm going to buy another one in a more fun surprise color for you gals ;) (french barrette closure in the back)]

[this is a haut pink metallic color headband]

how to enter (each one of these is a separate entry, so the more you do the more chances you have to win! i'm sure you guys know the drill by now lols):

1.) follow my blog! durrr ;P... then comment on this post with your name and e-mail... and tell me something about yourself that none of us would probably come across just from being a reader of your blog (nothing too crazy, no murder confessions or anything ;P)

2.) follow me on twitter theiza27 (maybe this will motivate me to start tweeting regularly again lols) then comment and let me know your twitter id

3.) post about my giveaway on your blog then share the url of your blog post in a comment

i will be choosing the winner in some sort of random way or another (haven't decided how yet) in a video :)

giveaway ends september 30th at 11:59 pst

i'm so excited and happy to finally be giving something back to you guys! <3

Deeply Superficial's giveaway

check out this fab-ooh giveaway on Deeply Superficial blog! so jam packed with awesome stuffies :)

HERE is the original post where you can enter for all this awesome stuff! and make sure to check out her great blog while you're there :)

right quick...

i just wanted to share that i would love to rock THE. SHIT. outta Jared Leto's outfit from the vma's. its so perfect :)

thats all... oh... and in case you haven't heard it... here's Willow Smith!

Friday, September 10, 2010

left overs

as of late i've been taking outfit photos (not as many as usual) and just not blogging them, i know... i stink! lols but i thought i'd share a few from the last few weeks to make up for my stinkyness lols

[i wore this for my friend's birthday celebration at the end of august ... we ended up driving all the way up to the Getty Museum (almost 2 hours worth of traffic including into the parking structure) and then deciding to turn back around in the parking structure because we just wouldn't have had enough time to enjoy anything :/ i felt really bad for her sister who was driving but she was a great sport about it... plus the entire 3+ hours in the car was us singing along to oldies but goodies from her ipod! i don't really think anything else could've been as fun as that anyways ;) there were many more adventures after that in this outfit but i wont bore you guys lols]
[pink floyd tee (old), lane bryant belt (thrifted), polka dot denim skirt (faith21), black leggings (old), spaghetti sandals (ross), sunglasses (99cent store lols)]

[errands outfit]
[blue men's shirt (thrifted), black leggings (old), black braided belt (old, on sale in the Target men's dept), black patent leather shoulder bag (Hobo, old, Nordstrom), red "wayfarer" sunglasses (i think i stole these from someone lols), "love" ring (old)]

[first off sorry for the cruddy photo quality. so this was what i wore from last friday night. it's not anything spectacularly special but i freakin love the way i look in it! lols... as cute as i thought i was its so ironic that we were going to a lesbian bar that night (me being straight and all ;P) lmao... i was being an amazing wing man for a very good friend of mine and i thoroughly enjoyed myself :) i cannot wait to wear this outfit again! lols]
[flip flops (old, don't judge me! the bar is actually right across the street from the beach lols), distressed skinnies (Hydraulic from Ross), floral tank (walmart $5! my new favorite!), grey vest (old, on sale at Charlotte Russe), wooden bangles (venice beach), "Love" ring (old)]

i'm gonna make a conscious effort to outfit post more regularly now... and post regularly in general :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Casanova on Project Runway

i just simply want to say that i LOOOVE the pants that Casanova makes on project runway! :)

while we're here... do you guys have any gripes or love/hates with this season's designers? 

don't gotta tell me twice!

it may seem as if i have to get my arm twisted into putting up a blog post... but when it comes to good looking fellas... boy oh boy... i'll drop my list in a heart beat! hahahaha... thanks to the beautiful La Cara (from Oh La La Curves) and Stephanie (from Buttons, Bows & Brogues) i am now totally compelled to share my five favorite male celebrity crushes! ;D

i'm not gonna lie to you guys... it will probably be very hard for me to stay within the limitations of "5" so i may have to add some honorable mentions ;) and these probably aren't gonna be in any given order either lols

Brad Pitt
particularly in this scene in Benjamin Button ::swoooooon::

Jay Baruchel
he is just so unconventionally handsome! (aside from brad pitt my taste is probably really off everyone else's radar lols) i also feel like he's a thinking woman's man... he's the nerd, the sexy nerd... the sexy physics major UGH! lols

Bradley Cooper
if you've seen him in the Hangover in that black suit, then you know that there is no need for an explanation ;)

Jim Jones
(just one word, that i hate using, but there is absolutely no other way to describe why i lust for this man) SWAG.

Adrian Brody
ever since Summer of Sam (i know, the weirdest movie to find him attractive in! lols) i just can't help but love this guy and everything he does! (EXCEPT SPLICE! ugh he made me sad with that one) i've also always been a sucker for his type of frame... tall, lanky, wide shoulders, slightly muscular ;) yummm

honorable mentions ;)

Bear Grylls

JR Smith

Tyson Beckford

Brandon Boyd

this was fun! lols hope you guys enjoyed it, at least a little bit :) lols

thank you BigBeautyfulMess!

a few months ago i won the beautiful Miss BBM's (from the wonderful Big Beautyful Mess Blog, which i hate to say due to her break, that link may not be working after today :( ) give away for a $50 Lucie Lu gift card! and today (being the lady latepants that i am lols) i decided to cash it in! i just thought i'd share my purchases with you guys :)

to be honest i am pretty much at a financial stand still these days so i haven't made very many purchases... even thrift store ones! ::sigh:: but its okay :) i'm optimistic that things will pick up eventually... but yeah so i decided to spend exactly $50 at the Lucie Lu online plus size boutique ;) cuz i'm clever like that lols (btw if you haven't checked out their lovely selection... get to it!)

i was torn between this striped mini tunic:

and this blue "sail away" skirt:

but i decided to go with the striped mini tunic because i don't have any really versatile pieces that i could accessorize differently (even though i totally love that skirt!)... to quote the Diva in Deep Thought (via facebook) "oh the fun i would have with accessories!!!" lols i may need you to help me accessorize this one girl! ;)

and to round out my purchases i chose these lace leggings :) 

can't wait to receive my order :)

also i thought i'd share these new peeptoe booties i purchased the other day! for a whopping $18 ;) super sky high and super comfy!

sometime's i get kind of down because of a whole jumble of things... but i really am gonna try to pop out a bunch of blog posts i've been meaning to do... today! bear with me readers <3