Tuesday, July 27, 2010


helloooo my lovely lover pants! how i have missed the beautiful blogosphere! i have no excuses for my extended leave from my blog... none at all... but i will tell you guys that i have just been floating around doing everything that i never had a chance to do the last... well... i've never actually had a chance to do these things :)... meeting new people and just enjoying every day... even though the world seems to want to take a crapper right on me these days... i'm trying to find the silver linings and work my way to what i deserve... but enough about that! i thought i'd just upload some photos from the past month (trying to include mostly outfit shots lols)... enjoy!


[my denim shirt! finally! aaand an awesome leather belt :) woot!]


[my 102 degree face]

[LMAO, <3 people who keep me laughing!]

[new addition to the family, Oliver! Baby Ollie was born 7/7/10, therefore we played (lucky) 7's the whole time at Vegas ;)]

i'm so thankful to be surrounded by great friends and family now a days <3

Sunday, July 25, 2010

triumphant return!

well... maybe not so triumphant lols but i'm definitely working on my return! woohooo! i have a sort of update post in the works... just of outfit photos from the past month and yadda yadda... but for now i'll just share a few random things... first is this outfit i wore on Friday... to run errands and actually be a hermit with some friends... i opted out of a night at the club on Friday and i wasn't disappointed with my decision :)... poker til 3am?! lmao sure! i threw on a necklace after i took this photo... i just enjoy how for some reason this "dress" added with the cut off denim bermudas make me feel/look really tall! i quite enjoy it :)

[dress - faith21, cut off bermudas - old flares, smile - LIFE <3]

and next i'd like to just quickly mention how much i reaaaaaally want this!

[photos from google]
it's the Joby Gorillapod mini tripod! and it looks freakin awesome! that is all :)

and last but definitely not least is just something i'd like to mention having to do with the gay and lesbian community... i've found myself having a lot of conversations with friends of mine that are gay, lesbian, and bi... about life, love and everything in between... and i just have to give my utmost respect and admiration to those who have to struggle with the stresses of a gay/lesbian lifestyle... i was just realizing today, imagine the difficulties we face in our lives as it is... working, living, relationships... just as straight individuals... then imagine throwing in the stress from friction and resistance from people in your life, as well as random strangers you don't even know, just because of who you choose to love and care for... i mean... the stress and pressure of making a relationship work with another person is hard enough... and then think about what it would be like if almost everyone else in your life was an obstacle for your relationship as well... that is a fucking insanely crazy thing to have to deal with... and i just want those of you who deal with that every single day... to know that I myself respect and admire the bullshit you have to deal with <3 (i know this is probably extremely obvious, but it struck me tonight so i had to mention it)

that is all my loves...

i'm happy to be back :)