Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Would you rather swim in a pool or the ocean?

the ocean most definitely! even with the sharks and killer creatures lols... something about being in the same water as someone thousands of miles away and just how serene it can all be

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What was the worst movie you've ever seen?

splice!... oh wait, i've never seen that :)... i'd probably have to say the Ladykillers with tom hanks and marlon wayans... i know its random but i hated that movie, i can't remember anything about it except that while i was watching it i fucking hated it lols

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Would you rather be born without legs or without arms?

im gonna have to take into consideration the technologies we now have available for fully automated prosthetics and say i'd rather be born without my legs.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

a lady's pet wallabee

a high heel super cute wallabee? i'm in love :)

from Forever 21


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 days of me (day 21)

Day 21 - A picture of something that makes you happy.

this is my nephew! i love him sooooo much! he was maybe 6 in this photo... he's gonna be 12 this year :'(... but i love how clever and funny and polite and smart and all out wonderful he's grown to be! i hopped into bed with him the other morning and he hugged me and gave me a kiss while half asleep... i love this kid immensely and being around him (and not to mention my other nephews and niece) always always ALWAYS without fail... makes me feel great!


30 days of me (day 20)

Day 20 - Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future.

i'm currently single so there's no specific person at this point in time... but since i've been single i've really had time to think about the difference between the people i've dated in the past and the type of person i'd want to spend the rest of my life with.... and i've decided on some concrete traits that i must learn to be more stringent about!

- i must be able to talk to them! and i don't mean just the relationship maintenance type talks because i've had fairly good luck with that in people in the past... i mean passing time talk, talking as an enjoyable activity. i don't think i've ever dated a person in which i was satisfied sitting hours at a time just having a conversation with them and i find now that that is really something i want from someone i intend to spend my life with.

- they must be open minded. i have a tendency to let my interests and activities fall to the wayside when i date people. it's not that i date individuals who force their interests and activities on me i just become overly considerate and feel that i'd rather just do what makes these people happy because i will be in less discomfort doing THEIR thing than i know they will be doing mine. so i've sort of made a vow to myself that with the next person that comes a long i'm going to make sure i remember the things that I like to do... and make sure that they're at least willing to try them out... but more importantly that i remember that getting that other person to try something new and important to me shouldnt be a discomfort but should be something they will gladly do.

- someone smarter/just as smart as me. i'm not really sure if this sounds superficial or rude... but its just the truth. i'm not saying i'm a genius, at all! all i know is that i have to explain myself too often to people i date. its funny too because i know how stubborn and hard headed i am when it comes to learning new things and being "schooled" by other people... but at the same time i would love to learn new things and bask in the awe of someones intelligence. it's almost erotic to think of dating a guy who's smarter than me lmao, yeah... i'm a weirdo :)

oh and of course i could always see myself marrying this guy XD


30 days of me (day 19)

Day 19 - Nicknames you have, why do you have them.

lols i've just been racking up the nicknames lately... but here's some popular ones.

China - i have a lot of hispanic friends so being the token asian this was gonna be a given lols

Suki - from the character in one of the fast and the furious movies, yes... the asian one lols

E - a lot of filipinos pronounce my name "eeza" so my cousin decided to call me E.

Izabelle - Iza/Isabella hybrid lols

Baby Hitler - long story short, i brought up to one group of my friends how i watched something on tv about certain germans who actually live their lives believing that the holocaust never happened... and i made a joke afterwards lols... and BOOM! i'm hitler lols... i've chosen to embrace it since they won't quit.

Head Doppelganger - reserved strictly for my actual head doppelganger lols... when we have a baby it's gonna need stilts to support the giant dome it will have lmao


Monday, October 25, 2010

30 days of me (day 18)

Day 18 - Plans/dreams/goals you have.

my life is a bit more complicated that i'd like to discuss on this blog so i'm just gonna say it would be awesome to have a job, to be going to school full time and to be able to not have to rely on my mom working so much.


30 days of me (day 17)

Day 17 - Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why.

hmmm... i've never really given this much thought before... part of me wants to be some humanitarian with all the resources to be able to go out and just help plenty of people... like be angelina jolie and just take 90% of my money and just give it all to haiti or another country that needs it... or even better use it to help bail the US out of this endless debt we're in... i dont know... something useful!... and the other half of me wants to be someone trivial who i can just live their life for a day and spend their money and dress up pretty and eat expensive meals and party like a lush lols... but i suppose theres someone i could be in which i could do both... but i'm not in the mood to single someone out... so i guess i'll say... i'd like to be one of eric clapton's close buddies for a day... just so i could learn some things from him and just listen to him jam all day :)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 days of me (day 16)

Day 16 - Another picture of yourself.

i think this is a really accurate representation of me and the way i like to live my life :)


30 days of me (day 15)

Day 15 - Put your iPod ZUNE (ftw!) on shuffle: first 10 songs that play...

1) Dead and Gone - T.I. & justin timberlake
2) So Seductive - tony yayo lols
3) Pop Lock and Drop It remix - baby huey, bow wow, t-pain
4) Track 9 - lady gaga
5) Magic in the Makeup - No Doubt
6) Can't Believe It remix - t-pain & justin timberlake
7) Bennie and the Jets - Elton John
8) Touch the Sky - kanye feat lupe fiasco
9) She Don't Have to Know - john legend
10) When I See You - Fantasia

i'm actually really unhappy with this representation of my musical taste lols so i'm shuffling again... shoot me! (at least i didn't lie and just completely scrap that first list lols)

1) Pag-ibig Kong Litung-lito - april boys (tagalog music :))
2) the Love Gang - the Raveonettes
3) Leaving Tonight - ne-yo & jennifer hudson
4) Here Comes the Sun - the beatles
5) Tyrone - erykah badu
6) The Blast remix - talib, hi-tek, erykah badu
7) Half Crazy - musiq soulchild
8) So Ambitious - jay-z & pharrell
9) Let it Be - the Beatles
10) Alright - john legend

okay... thats better i guess lols :)


30 days of me (day 14)

Day 14 - A picture of you and your family.

our little family <3

30 days of me (day 13)

Day 13 - A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

To you that it concerns,
i fucking hated that trip over there... i'm happy i don't have to make it anymore
i fucking hated being alone in that house all the time...
i fucking hated having to miss out on all the things going on back home...
i'm happy that i'm here for everything now.
i fucking hated how bored i was... but even more i hate how much i lied to myself and said i wasn't bored because i loved you.
i fucking hate that you quit on me... on us.
i'm happy that now i'm surrounded by people who have never quit on me and never will.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

30 days of me (day 12)

Day 12 - How you found out about blogger and why you made one.

I actually created this blogger in the fall of 2008 just as another sort of journal ramble ramble random type of online thing that was carrying on from my beloved myspace blog lols... u can read my very first post and see what my initial intentions were then lols... i posted a bit about random stuff but i think it was hard for me to part from posting on myspace (i still have no idea why)... and then i abandoned it for a bit until i was perusing online for OTK boots (in the fall of 2009 mind you... i decided to start blogging months later) and how to style them for plus size girls... when i came across Allison (of Curvy Girl Chic blog) and her amazing blog and amazing style! i was just enamored :D with how well plus size women can really dress... i mean i KNEW women outside of straight sizes could dress well but there was just something about Allison being a real woman... a real ASIAN woman at that... that just opened my eyes to a side of fashion that i had never seen before (and exploring and discovering all these other beautiful and fantastic plus size fashion blogs afterwards of course played there part)... so then i thought, hey... i like clothes and stuff... why not share whats going on with me and my opinions on fashion and the like as well! and thats how i started blogging regularly here :) (yes the tone has changed since then too but i still love exploring sides of fashion i normally wouldn't and sharing them with you guys :))


30 days of me (day 11)

Day 11 - Another picture of you and your friends.

ghetto neapolitan since 1996 <3


Thursday, October 14, 2010

30 days of me (day 10)

Day 10 - Songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad.

well this song makes me pretty happy right now :)


i listen to damn near everything when i'm bored lols but here's another current favorite

when i'm hyped i have a tendency for real hood/gutter/chauvinist type stuff :) lols

i don't know why but i love anything from Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (MCR) when i'm angry


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 days of me (day 9)

Day 9 - Something you're proud of in the past few days.

so i've sort of been hermity as far as dating has gone the past few months... i mean there was this one guy that i had a crush on that i actually outwardly pursued but that didn't work out (we're good friends now which actually makes me even happier :)) so i finally had like my first official "date" set up on monday, a blind date... so of course when monday rolled around i was getting kind of anxious and ready to just make up an excuse and call it all off... but i decided not to... and i ended up having a good time... not great, i mean to be honest he's not my type of guy and this comic sort of describes how it went... i mean i'm sure we all have those daydreams of finding someone who is into the same obscure and nerdy things that we're into lols and it was no different with this guy... he was nice tho, and sweet, and has his shit all together lols... i'm honestly just proud of getting back out there :D


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

30 days of me (day 8)

Day 8 - Short term goals for this month and why.

eat healthier - for the obvious health reasons and i'm tired of watching my face get bigger lols i wish i could gain weight in my ass ::sigh:: ;P
walk/run/work out more - same thing as above, plus i really should be more active... i wish i could paintball aaall the time! that'd be perfect ;)
finish Imajica - i've been holding on to that book for maybe more than a year now, refusing to read the 2nd half of it because i thought there was a part two when in fact i was at the part two! (my original copy is the book in its entirety, when i googled it before it referred to the later edition that had been split into two parts)
watch iron man 2 - you know, because i should lols
finish learning how to play AND sing redemption song on guitar - because i'm a bum and i've been getting lazy with it
save money! - so i can afford all those things i want and all those things that are coming up lols (when is this NOT a goal?! lols)
blog more - especially about all the little notes and ideas i have laying around
keeping the house clean - ughhh because i hate cleaning lols


30 days of me (day 7)

Day 7 - A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

easy one :)... my wonderful mommy <3


Monday, October 11, 2010


went out to see Kevin Smith do his live podcast in Santa Monica last night... super funny and super fun :) can't wait to go back! and here's what i wore
[floral tank - walmart, skirt - thrifted, belt - ross, sandals - easy fit in LB, heart/fortune cookie necklace - old, gold cuff - charlotte russe, skull ring - LB farmer's market, pearl and gold ring - from my momma, vintage white gucci shoulder bag - my momma's]

Kevin Smith! i lost my balls and didn't ask for a photo with him :/ hopefully next time


Sunday, October 10, 2010

30 days of me (day 6)

Day 6 - Favorite super hero and why.

i dont know if many people think of them as like the all out city saving cape wearing type of superheroes but x-men are still part of the category! and my favorite super hero ever would have to be Gambit! i loved his suave creole personality, his accent ::swooon::, and how he often seems like a chauvinist lady's man but is in fact a great guy :)... and also his on going tumultuous love affair with Rogue is one of my favorites too lols

i FUCKING HATED the guy they cast as Gambit in the wolverine movie!!!! ughhhhhh worst choice ever! 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

30 days of me (day 5)

Day 5 - a picture of somewhere you've been to.

this place isnt some world wonder or anything spectacular but its one of the few places i remember going to clearly in my head from when i was little in the philippines... if i'm not mistaken this is where i was baptized at also :)... its called Timuga and its an area with a lot of water falls and these little picnic areas. hopefully i'll get to go back one day.
[sorry this is the best photo i could find (from google)]


30 days of me (day 4)

Day 4 - a habit that you wish you didn't have.

i could probably come up with a list for this one... but i suppose i'll just choose one...

i used to smoke regularly years ago and i finally decided to quit... but unfortunately its hard to quit the habit of smoking while i drink. i can't explain what it is but its definitely a habit that i wish i didn't have!

p.s. at least i buckle up! ;P

Thursday, October 7, 2010

30 days of me (day 3)

Day 3 - a picture of you and your friends.

unfortunately i do not have a photo of me with ALL my great friends but maybe that'll be a goal for my next b-day :)
[insider with me and my soul mate in Queens lols]

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 days of me (day 2)

Day 2 - the meaning behind your blog name.

well to put it simply i suppose its all the things that make up me, the Iza. all things that i knew would be present in my blogging before i even decided i wanted to blog. i love to share things that make up my life including my interest in movies, music, fashion, art, etc. i am also a very emotional person when it comes to what i write down (i can't say i wear my heart on my real life sleeve as much as i do in my blogs and journals) i love to vent about my love life lols... and i can always go for a good laugh. as a matter of fact its one of my favorite things to do...  i wanted this blog to be a real reflection and representation of who i am in my entirety... so i suppose that sums up it all up...

the Life. the Love. the Laughs. the Iza.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30 days of me (day 1)

Day 1 - a recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

[from a few weeks ago, funny because i REALLY wanted to share this photo because i am so in love with this dress unfortunately i couldn't buy it :( ::sigh:: lols]

  1. i actually think i'm pretty uninteresting lols
  2. i have an irrational fear of having a nurse gouge out my arm with a syringe
  3. i wear actual shoes maybe less than 30 days a year
  4. i'm an only child
  5. i don't know how to ride a bike or anything else with wheels (except for a car)
  6. i didn't make out with a boy until i was 19 lols
  7. i prefer imitation crab meat over real crab meat (unless its directly from the crab and covered in fat XD)
  8. i didn't eat beef for four years after high school and didn't/don't really have a valid reason why lols
  9. i'm really good at fantasy basketball (at least i think so lols :))
  10. i know how to make waffle cones
  11. i genuinely believe that i am a bad luck omen for guys that i date/am in to for long periods of time (they lose cars, jobs, housing, just totally down hill a short time after they meet me! :/)
  12. i love getting scared, but i rarely admit it lols
  13. even though i love getting scared i am EXTREMELY jumpy
  14. i hate drinking beer (maybe just "strongly dislike" now since i'm working on finding a beer that i can drink tolerably)
  15. i have the craziest/biggest/most intense calf muscles you'll ever probably see on a female who is not a body builder :)

30 days of MEEEH (vain much? :P)

i'm gonna try and stoke the flames of this blog by doing this #30daysofme thingy that was going around for a while a few months ago... i wasn't quite sure if it was only for people turning 30... but who cares if it is?! lols

as many of u should know by now the idea is to do these things each day for 30 days, shouldn't be too hard right...

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name
Day 03- A picture of you and your friends
Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have
Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
Day 06- Favorite super hero and why
Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why
Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days
Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad
Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends
Day 12- How you found out about Blogger and why you made one
Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently
Day 14- A picture of you and your family
Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play
Day 16- Another picture of yourself
Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have
Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them
Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else
Day 23- Something you crave for a lot
Day 24- A letter to your parents
Day 25- What I would find in your bag
Day 26- What you think about your friends
Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge
Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned
Day 30- Your favorite song

and heeeeeere we go!

things change like seasons

i have found that i'm just losing my interest in this blog. i think i've been hesitating to say this outright... but i suppose i should eventually. to top it off i think i'm also losing interest in the themes i was predominantly blogging about (i.e. fashion)... not to say that they're not interesting to me but i think i put a heavier emphasis on them than i had initially intended to which led me to start feeling obligated to post about those themes... i enjoy writing, expressing opinions and feelings that are important to me, and sharing them with random strangers... heh, i enjoy blogging! so i don't think i want to stop... but i do think that i want to sort of relinquish everything i've been blogging about and just go by the seat of my pants. i'm not AT ALL blaming my readers, i just happen to be very considerate and i suppose i started to feel like i HAD to give you guys what you initially started reading my blog for, which for the most part was fashion type things... but now i'm going to blog about what i want. i don't want my blog to die (and i'm not going to apologize for it) but i think i may be changing this blog drastically... well maybe not drastically lols... but i'm sure it'll change... i have no plans or anything as to what i'm going to do with it... i just have a long list of things i want to write about :) which i suppose is a good start.

and no i am not a new found journalism major. my grammar, vulgarity, and allergies to punctuation are not going to change. just sayin :)

i suppose thats all i have to say about that

Friday, October 1, 2010

giveaway wiener! :)

i know i said i'd announce the winner via vlog but i couldn't think anything else to vlog about and i didn't want to just make an entire video just to choose a winner so i resorted to good old trusty random.org... and it has been decided that your winner iiiiiiiiis...


look out for an e-mail soon girly :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

something i came across in 2007

Maya de Valle

To all the boys I've loved before.Part 1

We are not your mothers!
You have been weaned from the breast of a woman for years
Yet you come to us wounded and half filled with promises you can only keep half the time
Trying to suck a lost sense of self dry
We have become much too accustomed to sleepless nights and damp pillows
Have become much too accustomed to waiting for our empty beds to be weighed down with the bodys of men, heavy with the scent and the hands of other women
and we simply wanting to be loved and to love ourselves unconditionally
Simply wanting the truth of whether you can really love us or not.
Play Hester Prynne
Place scarlet letters on our chest
Become adulteresses, cheating ourselves out of what we truly deserve
Willing to settle for less
Willing to act like a little less then a goddess
Willing to sleep with the enemy
Men to scared to stop acting like boys, thinking we can love away their scars
So we take the lashes of their insecurities they pour on us
And lick our wounds in quiet mourning for the little girls that we lose by the minute.

Part 2
You said you had a photographic memory.
But apparently you forgot that honesty begins by being real with yourself and the ones you claim you love
The truth cannot be hidden
Whats clouded in darkness will always come to light my love.
You should have known that,
claiming you saw my light so clearly and brightly
I guess shit happens
I just wish it wasnt me
And I guess its so much better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all
I know thats some easy shit to say but Im still gonna try to live by it
Im still gonna try to put my faith to rest in it
I will sleep on dry pillows now in a bed big enough to love myself in.
I will awake these coming mornings with my eyes dry and shiny, full of the knowledge
I am priceless and worth nothing but honesty
I will remove this scarlet letter from my chest
And take the hand of the little girl I used to be and say Im sorry to her
Im sorry for cheating you out of the joy you have always deserved
And I will wait for a man to come along that can give me the truth of how much he can really love me

Thursday, September 23, 2010

If you could go only to one restaurant for the next five years, which would it be?

either Ismi (my favorite sushi place that actually closed down :'() or Phuket Thai! i love ethnic food, i could eat it foooorever!

Ask me anything

What was the best concert you went to?

the very first one i've ever been to, MCR at the Wiltern... small venue before they got very big... and with my besty :)

Ask me anything

Who's the sexiest man alive?

jay baruchel ;) the sexiest body part will always be the brain!

Ask me anything

What did you eat for breakfast today?

i usually eat breakfast around lunch time so i haven't had breakfast food at home in quite some time... i had some grilled chicken and a salad (blegh, i know! lols)

Ask me anything

If you could look like anybody, who would it be?

um MYSELF :)... with less of a double chin, smaller sideburns, aaand maybe bigger boobies ;) lols

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the distortion lens that is the media (started in May, just decided to finish this right now lols soooorry)

i regularly check out Yahoo's front page stories, whatever they may be, because they throw themselves at me whenever i need to check my e-mail... but one of my favorite sections that i don't mind checking out on the regular is their celebrity style opinions (courtesy of OMG! from Yahoo), in this case their What Were They Thinking weekly (?) photo slide show...

this weeks slide show header included "Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Holmes don disgusting denim"... first off, what is SO disgusting about these jeans? anyone?

i'll admit sjp isn't really all put together in the black tube top and pepto pink cardi but those jeans are hot! especially with the knee biker stitching detail... oh and matched with those clogs! it almost makes up for that top half lols :P

as far as miss katie goes, yes its pretty tomboyish... but i think it still looks pretty good... maybe some more feminine accessories would've helped her out like a flower in the hair or more feminine hair do or some big gold baubles on her fingers.

i just wanted to vent about how sometimes the media's criticizing eye is REALLY off... (see my post here about MKO's wrongly dissed outfit lols)