Wednesday, June 2, 2010

benny and the jetsssss doo doo dootoo dooo

i'm sure for a majority of us music plays a very large part in the healing process... and at this point in time i myself am looking for more uplifting and cliche' post-breakup type stuff (yes, i know... lolz but they really do make me feel better)

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so i want to know what YOU guys listen to during tough times... not just tough times of the heart... tough times in general... what song always uplifts you and manages to make you feel better! and i don't care what genre it is... if a trance electronica song makes u feel good... tell me what it is! :)


  1. jeez. are you ready for a novel? this is my get and go playlist but I'll put my favoritest songs in the comment too

    -the five stairsteps: ooh child
    -Jordin Sparks: faith
    -Milkshake: bottle of sunshine
    -Cameo: Candy
    -these people on youtube: everything's gonna be okay
    -Superchick: feel so beautiful
    -India Arie: a beautiful flower
    -Jonas Brothers: Hold On
    -Hey Mickey
    -Rob Base and DJ...: it takes two.
    -Jonas Brothers: love is on its way
    -Alicia Keys: Superwoman

    and silly dance songs are always fun too, like those songs that are made for preschoolers? those songs are beyond awesome sometimes

  2. yes music always seem to calm me down and ease my mind a little

  3. Girl I listen to Lauryn Hill all the time especially during tough times. Especially her unplugged album.

  4. Awww, sweetie! I recently went thru a bad break-up and it was hell trying to stand back up and be stable again... but i do have to agree that music tend to help a lot! Some of the things i like to listen to when im down or in a funk are:

    -Most of Evanescence
    -I Got You by Leona Lewis
    -You Found Me by The Fray
    -Antes by Obie Bermudez (spanish song)
    -Never Too Late by Three Days Grace
    -Si tu supieras by Alejandro Fernandez (spanish song)
    -Stand By Me by Ben E. King
    -What is Love by Jennifer Lopez
    -Lean on Me by Bill Withers
    -Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson

    These are just a few, but i have a lot more! =]

    Honestly, i hope you feel better soon...sometimes things can feel so hopeless and futile that you think you cant go on... but you have to realize that you are not alone, that our friends and family are there and love us, no matter wat!

    *BIG HUG*

    -Christina <3

  5. I always listen to destiny's child and beyonce...Somehow they are able to lift any mood on me and help me think. xxx

  6. Groban....Josh Groban...he's my hero. His songs always make me feel better, stronger, loved and happier. Even though I don't listen to his music on a daily basis.

  7. iza !!! wats going on love? i did a lil catching up with ure blog and im a lil worried .... lol. imma shoot u an email.

    the ultimate pick me upper song, at least mine:

    dont stop believin - journey, arnel pineda's version of course.

    listen to it .... NOW !!!


  8. You already know my go to song! It's Bill Withers, Lovely Day! Always makes me feel like there's something to look forward to! <3