Tuesday, July 27, 2010


helloooo my lovely lover pants! how i have missed the beautiful blogosphere! i have no excuses for my extended leave from my blog... none at all... but i will tell you guys that i have just been floating around doing everything that i never had a chance to do the last... well... i've never actually had a chance to do these things :)... meeting new people and just enjoying every day... even though the world seems to want to take a crapper right on me these days... i'm trying to find the silver linings and work my way to what i deserve... but enough about that! i thought i'd just upload some photos from the past month (trying to include mostly outfit shots lols)... enjoy!


[my denim shirt! finally! aaand an awesome leather belt :) woot!]


[my 102 degree face]

[LMAO, <3 people who keep me laughing!]

[new addition to the family, Oliver! Baby Ollie was born 7/7/10, therefore we played (lucky) 7's the whole time at Vegas ;)]

i'm so thankful to be surrounded by great friends and family now a days <3


  1. Great pics, and great outfits!!! I love that purple dress towards the end and that pink dino face painting is soooo cool! :D Glad you're back and feeling much better! :)

    -Christina <3

  2. Cute Baby! And I Need That Blue Shirt And Those Black Sandals!



  3. Wee, yay! you're back! love the photos! <3 you look AMAZING!

  4. Ok, so now I'm officially the only girl without a denim shirt! lol.
    The dresses you wore in Vegas are super cute. :)

  5. thank you ladies! :) i've missed you gals A LOT!