Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My July Snapshot

even with the heartache and the intense amount of stress that's still flowing, this summer has been UH-MAZING... so i'm extremely sad to see it go :(

i stole this from my lovely ladies Nikstar and Stephanie <3<3

Listening to: 
more rock music, and better rock music, oh and myself strumming horrendously on Willy's guitar lmao (i'm learning!)... weezer, foo fighters, incubus, mississippi man, yeah yeah yeah's, the white stripes, pity party, Panic!, My Chemical Romance, Cold War Kids, etc.

[Mississippi Man show @ the Echoplex]

soooo many books that i have yet to complete :( including Imajica, Kitchen Confidential, World War Z, Death: A Life, and A History of God.

the Office, Entourage, Taboo, Dirty Jobs, the Boondocks, Robot Chicken, the Venture Bros., and waiting for the new season of Man vs. Wild!!! oh yeah and guitar instructional videos online lols

shiiiiiit! lols mostly just food and movie tickets... this has been the brokest summer of my adult life, and funny enough it ends up being one of the best! goes to show that money doesn't buy a good time :)

some stability, a solution for this ever growing problem i have, to learn how to play an eric clapton song on the guitar, money to be able to enjoy the trips/events coming in the fall, to go to school this semester :(... breakfast! lols

to stay optimistic, to find a solution, to progress, to run regularly, to blog more, to make the acoustic guitar my bitch lols

this amazing summer! all the new friends and memories i've made! and those family and friends that have supported me through this shit i'm going through lols

to make it the fuck out of this hole!!!!!!

MYSELF smile more :)... and HE does too... but that's a whole 'nother blog post lols

more blog posts, doodles, trying to find my inspiration

is waaay different after a 2 year break from the game lols i don't even think i'm the same person anymore... so strange! lols

Inspired by:
other's passions, laughter, the sun, the beauty that is right outside everyone's door, the kids!
[all photos that are not mine can be found on Google]

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