Thursday, September 9, 2010

thank you BigBeautyfulMess!

a few months ago i won the beautiful Miss BBM's (from the wonderful Big Beautyful Mess Blog, which i hate to say due to her break, that link may not be working after today :( ) give away for a $50 Lucie Lu gift card! and today (being the lady latepants that i am lols) i decided to cash it in! i just thought i'd share my purchases with you guys :)

to be honest i am pretty much at a financial stand still these days so i haven't made very many purchases... even thrift store ones! ::sigh:: but its okay :) i'm optimistic that things will pick up eventually... but yeah so i decided to spend exactly $50 at the Lucie Lu online plus size boutique ;) cuz i'm clever like that lols (btw if you haven't checked out their lovely selection... get to it!)

i was torn between this striped mini tunic:

and this blue "sail away" skirt:

but i decided to go with the striped mini tunic because i don't have any really versatile pieces that i could accessorize differently (even though i totally love that skirt!)... to quote the Diva in Deep Thought (via facebook) "oh the fun i would have with accessories!!!" lols i may need you to help me accessorize this one girl! ;)

and to round out my purchases i chose these lace leggings :) 

can't wait to receive my order :)

also i thought i'd share these new peeptoe booties i purchased the other day! for a whopping $18 ;) super sky high and super comfy!

sometime's i get kind of down because of a whole jumble of things... but i really am gonna try to pop out a bunch of blog posts i've been meaning to do... today! bear with me readers <3


  1. Okay, this is amazing... I was just getting sad myself about BBM. Then I sent this dress and it was right on time. I should have mentioned it earlier but there was a coupon code in Lucky Mag for Lucie Lu and you could have probably gotten the skirt too... Dang my slow brain...
    And those booties... awesome... I need a pair of awesome peeptoe booties too. Hey... I've been broke lately too... but I think... great fashion and (eventually) pull you out of the downies phase. And you have my number... hit me up... anytime of day... trust me... I'm usually bored!!!

  2. Welcome back!! :)

    I would have chosen the tunic and the tights, too..

    I've been trying to wear more dresses lately.

    I need to snag myself some of those..

  3. iza ... ure sooooo cute and ure the sweetest. i cant wait to see wat u do with these puppies!

    diva - i want those booties too! ;-)