Thursday, September 9, 2010

don't gotta tell me twice!

it may seem as if i have to get my arm twisted into putting up a blog post... but when it comes to good looking fellas... boy oh boy... i'll drop my list in a heart beat! hahahaha... thanks to the beautiful La Cara (from Oh La La Curves) and Stephanie (from Buttons, Bows & Brogues) i am now totally compelled to share my five favorite male celebrity crushes! ;D

i'm not gonna lie to you guys... it will probably be very hard for me to stay within the limitations of "5" so i may have to add some honorable mentions ;) and these probably aren't gonna be in any given order either lols

Brad Pitt
particularly in this scene in Benjamin Button ::swoooooon::

Jay Baruchel
he is just so unconventionally handsome! (aside from brad pitt my taste is probably really off everyone else's radar lols) i also feel like he's a thinking woman's man... he's the nerd, the sexy nerd... the sexy physics major UGH! lols

Bradley Cooper
if you've seen him in the Hangover in that black suit, then you know that there is no need for an explanation ;)

Jim Jones
(just one word, that i hate using, but there is absolutely no other way to describe why i lust for this man) SWAG.

Adrian Brody
ever since Summer of Sam (i know, the weirdest movie to find him attractive in! lols) i just can't help but love this guy and everything he does! (EXCEPT SPLICE! ugh he made me sad with that one) i've also always been a sucker for his type of frame... tall, lanky, wide shoulders, slightly muscular ;) yummm

honorable mentions ;)

Bear Grylls

JR Smith

Tyson Beckford

Brandon Boyd

this was fun! lols hope you guys enjoyed it, at least a little bit :) lols


  1. OMG I love Jay Baruchel! I thought I was the only one who thought he was friggin hot! I loved him in "She's out of your league"! :D

    Ooooo hello JR Smith & Tyson Beckford!

    Hot list!

  2. yesss!! Bradley Cooper has gotten hotter with age...

  3. @LaCara - i fell in love with him in the Sorcerer's Apprentice... i know it seems like a kiddy movie but it was sooo good! and he was just so lovable in it! ;D & sometimes i have such a thing for hooligans (i.e. smith and jones ;) mmmm lols)

    @Kemi - HERE HERE!