Thursday, September 23, 2010

the distortion lens that is the media (started in May, just decided to finish this right now lols soooorry)

i regularly check out Yahoo's front page stories, whatever they may be, because they throw themselves at me whenever i need to check my e-mail... but one of my favorite sections that i don't mind checking out on the regular is their celebrity style opinions (courtesy of OMG! from Yahoo), in this case their What Were They Thinking weekly (?) photo slide show...

this weeks slide show header included "Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Holmes don disgusting denim"... first off, what is SO disgusting about these jeans? anyone?

i'll admit sjp isn't really all put together in the black tube top and pepto pink cardi but those jeans are hot! especially with the knee biker stitching detail... oh and matched with those clogs! it almost makes up for that top half lols :P

as far as miss katie goes, yes its pretty tomboyish... but i think it still looks pretty good... maybe some more feminine accessories would've helped her out like a flower in the hair or more feminine hair do or some big gold baubles on her fingers.

i just wanted to vent about how sometimes the media's criticizing eye is REALLY off... (see my post here about MKO's wrongly dissed outfit lols)

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