Friday, September 10, 2010

left overs

as of late i've been taking outfit photos (not as many as usual) and just not blogging them, i know... i stink! lols but i thought i'd share a few from the last few weeks to make up for my stinkyness lols

[i wore this for my friend's birthday celebration at the end of august ... we ended up driving all the way up to the Getty Museum (almost 2 hours worth of traffic including into the parking structure) and then deciding to turn back around in the parking structure because we just wouldn't have had enough time to enjoy anything :/ i felt really bad for her sister who was driving but she was a great sport about it... plus the entire 3+ hours in the car was us singing along to oldies but goodies from her ipod! i don't really think anything else could've been as fun as that anyways ;) there were many more adventures after that in this outfit but i wont bore you guys lols]
[pink floyd tee (old), lane bryant belt (thrifted), polka dot denim skirt (faith21), black leggings (old), spaghetti sandals (ross), sunglasses (99cent store lols)]

[errands outfit]
[blue men's shirt (thrifted), black leggings (old), black braided belt (old, on sale in the Target men's dept), black patent leather shoulder bag (Hobo, old, Nordstrom), red "wayfarer" sunglasses (i think i stole these from someone lols), "love" ring (old)]

[first off sorry for the cruddy photo quality. so this was what i wore from last friday night. it's not anything spectacularly special but i freakin love the way i look in it! lols... as cute as i thought i was its so ironic that we were going to a lesbian bar that night (me being straight and all ;P) lmao... i was being an amazing wing man for a very good friend of mine and i thoroughly enjoyed myself :) i cannot wait to wear this outfit again! lols]
[flip flops (old, don't judge me! the bar is actually right across the street from the beach lols), distressed skinnies (Hydraulic from Ross), floral tank (walmart $5! my new favorite!), grey vest (old, on sale at Charlotte Russe), wooden bangles (venice beach), "Love" ring (old)]

i'm gonna make a conscious effort to outfit post more regularly now... and post regularly in general :)


  1. You look super cute! I love how your outfits are so casual, yet still look very hip and dressy! ;)

    Glad you are back posting OOTD's again! :)

    -Christina <3

  2. Glad to see you again... I like all three outfits... And I agree the last outfit is casual but super cute!!!