Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 days of me (day 20)

Day 20 - Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future.

i'm currently single so there's no specific person at this point in time... but since i've been single i've really had time to think about the difference between the people i've dated in the past and the type of person i'd want to spend the rest of my life with.... and i've decided on some concrete traits that i must learn to be more stringent about!

- i must be able to talk to them! and i don't mean just the relationship maintenance type talks because i've had fairly good luck with that in people in the past... i mean passing time talk, talking as an enjoyable activity. i don't think i've ever dated a person in which i was satisfied sitting hours at a time just having a conversation with them and i find now that that is really something i want from someone i intend to spend my life with.

- they must be open minded. i have a tendency to let my interests and activities fall to the wayside when i date people. it's not that i date individuals who force their interests and activities on me i just become overly considerate and feel that i'd rather just do what makes these people happy because i will be in less discomfort doing THEIR thing than i know they will be doing mine. so i've sort of made a vow to myself that with the next person that comes a long i'm going to make sure i remember the things that I like to do... and make sure that they're at least willing to try them out... but more importantly that i remember that getting that other person to try something new and important to me shouldnt be a discomfort but should be something they will gladly do.

- someone smarter/just as smart as me. i'm not really sure if this sounds superficial or rude... but its just the truth. i'm not saying i'm a genius, at all! all i know is that i have to explain myself too often to people i date. its funny too because i know how stubborn and hard headed i am when it comes to learning new things and being "schooled" by other people... but at the same time i would love to learn new things and bask in the awe of someones intelligence. it's almost erotic to think of dating a guy who's smarter than me lmao, yeah... i'm a weirdo :)

oh and of course i could always see myself marrying this guy XD


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  1. Is that Jay Baruchel? Idk why I find him so attractive ;)