Sunday, April 18, 2010


a quick post, because i felt inclined to, before my big weekend post :)

why oh why is Mary Kate Olsen in the "what were they thinking" category this week?! i personally love the hell out of this outfit!... super cute boxy jacket (i've always been a sucker for like old school curtain/sofa pattern reminiscent textiles, do those have a specific name? lolz i should find out), over sized and high collar blouse, PERFECT wash on the skinnies, awesome accessories, perfect braided boho hair, and fabulous booties! i could probably do without the 90's style leather backpack but u know what... the rest of this is fly enough for her to carry whatever the fuck she wants! lolz... stop hating style critics... cuz MKO is doin work in this!

OMG im so dead in love with her jewelry! (y'all already kno me and the multi finger rings... and she has a FOOT around her neck! WTFF!? what the Fabulous Fuck!?)

ok back to the big post lolz


her fit reminded me of a jacket T wore in this post on her blog, Initialed.


  1. Thanks for the shout out!
    I thought you were talking about this post at first:

  2. lolz no, even though thats probably more similar... it was the ethnic print/style of the jacket that made me think of that other post... and ur welcome! :)