Friday, May 7, 2010

and that day we lived in the land of make believe

as you guys probably know from my previous sad and sap filled post... i wasn't able to see my hunny poodle on our 2 year anniversary... but he ended up making it out on wednesday night and we agreed that we would live in the land of make believe...
and pretend that thursday was May 4th :) and celebrate then. 

[guess who doesn't like taking photos? lolz]
[lovely restaurant, shitty waiter lmao. food was yummm tho, too bad poppa didn't eat any of my thai squid or my USC roll :( ]

[this made me laugh!]
[new books to read, YAY! i feel like a bad parent neglecting all those other books i bought first and reading these ones right away :/]

thank you God.

Sneaky ♥ Shady



  1. aww, you guys are sickeningly cute together. lol.
    Looks like you had a great time (food looks delish too!)

  2. You're so beautiful and you guys look purrffect together.

    God bless you two!


  3. aw. you guys are so cute. food looks so yummmy. hehe and congrats on the 2 yr anniversary, i can't even make it to a year.

  4. such cuteness <3 and oh man- the food looks amazing!!

  5. super cute! I love love! tee hee!!! Makes me giddy!!!! lol! Congrads u guyz!!! :)

  6. I can't wait to meet your b-fran!!! :) He seems to make you super happy which makes me like him already!

  7. thank you so much ladies :D i had a wonderful make believe anniversary day lolz and if you guys are interested the restaurant is called Gladstones ( and they are predominantly sea food (found out that day that they have a full sushi bar now! woot!)


    @Linda - girrrrl! don't worry about it... youre young u shouldn't even be looking for anything to lasts that long lolz have fun before sum lucky guy sucks all the fun away :P <333

    @Nik - me tooooo! im tellin u we're gonna double here this summer and then not tip the waiter JACK SHIEEEET ;) mwahahaha