Tuesday, May 18, 2010

yo quiero muchooooooooooo

lovely new duds from Faith 21... ah how i wish money would just pour out of my butt hole lolz sans poo residue... wow that went too far.... :|

anywho... Faith 21 must-haves! well... wish-i-really-could-haves lolz

[silken bubble hem skirt & i still TOTALLY want these shoes! grrrr!]

[floral paisley sun dress - i am like omg all over this dress! lolz its short, strapless, semi-boho, with that lovely wrap around detail in front = WANT!]

[moonlit crochet top - i love the colors in this top, and the shapes with the colorway give me a real art deco feel rite? plus its a step away from all the warm spring/summer colors we're seeing everywhere]

[rose bloom woven top - just a simple tank that would be perfect with everything! once again i love the presence of cool colors for this time of year]

[beaded knit top - part of the whole ethnic trend this season that makes me like SUPER DUPER excited! i love how fashion is incorporating things from other countries/civilizations]

[tribal burnout top - just a simple v-neck but with a super cool and very different ethnic print on the front and back, makes me think navajo]

[sparkling knit tunic - i told you guys about me and my obsession with unique tanks... this totally just makes me wanna jazzercise my ass off! hahahaha doesn't it make you think of like 80's and 90's workout wear? would totally love to have this in my closet]

[classique socialite dress - honestly not too fond of the entire dress in white but i do reaaaally really like the cut and the matching belt detail... totally diddy's white party in the hamptons lolz]

this dress totally made me think of this video (if u were on twitter earlier u may have seen it already or if you're a fan of the real housewives of NY) lmao... ex countess + shitty lyrics about "manners" + auto tune = STFU... my friends... hahahahaha (thanks for sharing this with me Literal Gemini!)

thinking whether i should do my NDOTD post tonight or just double up tomorrow...


  1. I have that skirt coming in the mail yayers! I fell in love when i saw it

  2. I want that skirt too! and the beaded knit top, they're both adorable! I'm going to have to go on a real shopping trip soon. this online window shopping isn't enough for me anymore. :)

  3. Oh god that song. I'm laughing again arggg. HAHAAHHA.

  4. LOOOL! Yes Miss Iza too far, but I know what ya mean!!
    Loving the pieces you chose :D
    Ohhh lawdy I need that skirt, paisley sun dress, the tribal top, and that delicious white dress!
    LOOL Ohhh gawd....I'm actually dying of laughter from this song!


  5. lol I just went into F21 downtown today and *drool* I need monies!! There's a blue skirt that I just may have to go back and snag....gosh so darn cute.

    Ooooh and I LOVE the new blog header! lol way cute!