Saturday, May 8, 2010

in the eye of the beholder

i was inspired by Dacia and LaLa :)

10 of my favorite things... in pictures!

favorite hobby:
[toss up, either kissing or laughing <3]

favorite tv show:
[joel mchale is tooooo funny! & they make fun of all the stuff i watch lolz great!]

favorite restaurant food:
[another toss up, pad thai or sushi]

favorite thing to shop for:
[ANYTHING. really! i offered to do (AND did) all my bf's christmas shopping for his family last year lolz. i will shop for anything for anyone! doesnt have to be for me... i don't care! i really just love being in stores and getting great deals :)]

favorite animal:
[God's cutest joke lolz the platypus]

favorite song:
[it is VERY hard to choose a single favorite but this one has to be in my top 3 for sure...
"Got to be good lookin 'cause he's so hard to see" - Come Together by the Beatles]

favorite word:
[delicatessen. its just fun to say :)]

recent favorite youtube video:
[no matter how many times i watch this it is always sooooooo fuckin funny to me! lmao uncomfortably energetic!]

favorite movie:
[its just as hard picking ONE favorite movie... but once again the Birdcage has to be in my top 3 definitely]

favorite childhood memory:
[BUBBLES!!!!!! with these almost toxic goo things and that single little straw lmao... so fun!]

this was fun to do :) hope you guys enjoyed my favorites as much as i do! you should do it too! if u haven't already ;)

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