Monday, May 24, 2010

nails done did diddity doo dah (& NDOTD)

on a side note, i kind of hate how bad grammar is so popular (e.g. "gettin my hair/nails did")... on a side side note here's a nifty site to help people learn how to use "i.e." and "e.g." (i myself just learned ;) lolz) HERE

first off...

[just threw this together because i had to get some groceries... and nail polish lolz... my pictures are never as pretty when they're not taken outside so i battled the wind on this one lolz
magenta v-neck - wal mart, old
floral dress - this is actually the same dress from here (13/25) & here (dress underneath the plaid tunic) that i turned into a skirt by tucking the top part in and belting it in sort of a bag skirt way
jean jacket - faith21
belt -thrifted
bangles - h&m
men's Puma slip on sneakers - footlocker ($20 on sale a few months back)]

anywho... i have been dyyying for a perfect grey nail polish (just plain grey, no sparkle or metallic) ever since i saw Curvy Girl Chic's pedicure here... but i have had absolutely no luck (in stores that is, i'm not a very big online buyer)! but in the process i have come across a couple really good buys :)

first on the left is the new nail polish line from Rimmel in Black Satin... i was drawn to the Rimmel display by this supposed "steel grey" 
photo from the real deal reviews blog
which looks like nothing more than taupe to me! poop! really pretty color though but NOT grey, at least not to me! anyways so i was really drawn to the packaging... when you hold the bottle it feels like you're holding an ice cube :D... and the brush is like super wide and curved at the end
image from Google
even though it could do with a little bit more tapering/thinning at the end... because of the fact that its so wide and thick when you put on nail polish the way (i assume) most of us do... you get a large amount of polish at the cuticle line... but maybe it just takes getting used to... i kind of like how i can just do my pink nails in one swoop though lolz ;)... yeah so i was very attracted to the packaging so i decided i should at least buy one bottle (plus its really good quality/value for about $4)... so i chose the good old never failing black (which you can see i've been wearing the past few days)... i don't know about you guys but i usually always swatch a fingernail before i buy polish and i was kind of hesitant because the first coat of this black went on really sheer... and the 2nd coat seemed really streaky and uneven and NOT opaque... but i went with my gut and bought it anyways... and when i did my manicure at home i guess it was just my application technique in the store because it turned out great at home! to be honest i only wore it for like 3 days (i removed it today because i really wanna wear the Orly one)... but it did stay super shiny for those few days and it really is the best black polish i've ever worn. i plan on buying more polishes (once they come out with some more shades!) from this Rimmel line.

okay so today in the search for a grey polish i was scouring my local Sally's Beauty Supply and saw that they had these Orly matte polishes ON SALE! soooo you know i had to snatch at least one (sadly there are only 3 shades available in the matte! :'( but i think i may have to go back and get one of the other 2, either matte black or this matte burgundy (at least thats what i think it was lolz) ok i just googled it and they actually ONLY have 3 matte shades in the entire brand, POOP! and its more of a purple-ish/eggplant not burgundy) aaanyways... so the Orly matte polish was $3.99 from $5.99 (it says they retail for $7.50 tho so i don't kno wuts up with Sally's)... aaand i'm about to apply it and perhaps try this nail fun-do with it! (from this blog)

here's what these 2 look like on me

so the hunt for grey goes on!


  1. hey I like the taupe! it's pretty! I'm liking the dark grey with black tips though- looks awesome. Hope you find your grey soon :)

  2. I love the taupe - I found Rimmel London do a nice grey... will see if I can find it or the item number. x.

  3. :O That matte plus black tips manicure looks awesomeeee. Def post photos! and girly, you could've just asked about the nail color! hahaha it's China Glaze's "Recycle" :) Good luck!

    xo Allison

  4. im in love with your skirt...:D <3 you're too cute, love this outfit and nice colors of the nail polish...

  5. Woooo I love thoutfit, you have great legs! I like the taupe too! Hope you find your grey soon ;D


  6. i have that taupe color. i love it. but if you wnt a grey color.. there is one from PURE ICE (you can get it @ target or walmart) it's called kiss me here. it's a pretty grey color.

  7. you are too funny! <3 and I totally agree with you! ps that pic is the cuteness!! <3

  8. Can I just say that you have KILLER legs! OMG!And I saw a girl in Paris wearing a little flowery skirt with a jean jeacket! You are very IT girl!! Hugz & Kissez

  9. enjoying catchin up on ure blog and boy did i miss it! lovin this challenge and u look so great girl! u make me laugh too ... ure AWESOME! love u! xoxo!

  10. gooosh these shoes look so cool stylish! I totally love this outfit!

  11. That matte blue is perfect! I have been looking for the perfect gray polish as well, so I understand your frustration.
    Loving The Reflection