Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NDOTD 2/25

[was inspired by Jennifer's 27 dresses challenge to create a banner ;)]

NDOTD 2/25
[purse - gift
glasses - thrifted ($.99)
cardigan - (ooold, thrifted i think)
cut up tee (this is the 1 i shredded in the back but sadly was unable to show off cuz it was so windy :( ) - target, old (says "pick flowers not fights" looove it!)
skirt - faith 21 ($14, if ur wondering where the horrific black elastic waist of doom went lolz i flipped it over and tucked it in thats why i had to wear the skirt lower cuz it was pretty short after that)
belt - target (men's $5 on sale)
yellow roxy tank (not visible) - ross, old (i wore this cuz the arm holes in the cut up tee are gigantic and i woulda flashed the whole world if my cardigan flew open, and it did, quite a bit lolz)
charm necklace - betsey johnson from nordstrom, gift
gold "california" ring - forever 21 ($6)
white skull ring - LBC farmer's market ($1)
i reaaaaaaaaally need to buy cuter/nicer/comfier sandals :/]

seein green, ina good way ;) 

i really like this fit :)
bought my first chambray dress todaaaaay! ($6!) woot :D i'll share it soon!
when you guys read the banner for this challenge do you read "25 days no jeans" or "25 days jeans no" ???
speaking of which, you guys like my new signature? i always liked the way i phonetically doodle my name :)


  1. goodness ure adorable! ure rockin this challenge girl! xoxo!

  2. giiiiirl, I want to see that shredded back! This look is super cute on you! :D I totally do the flippy thing of the skirt too! LOL. great minds! :P

    xo Allison

  3. awwwwwwwwwwwe I LOVE IT!! The whole outfit is just rockin!! I love this, great banner! INSPIRED!!!

  4. Woooo cute outfit! Your doing well for this challenge, keep it up chica! <33

  5. Supppper cute! Love the little polka dot skirt! Wish you could have shown the back of the shirt :( Better luck next time :) Also love the shades, you look hot!

    - Franceta ♥

  6. @BBM - thank you mi amor ^__^

    @Allison - i knoooooo hopefully the weather in Temecula will be more appropriate for showin off my shreds ;P hahaha ur sucha smarty pants

    @LaLa - thanks girl :) ur so sweet!

    @LaCara - thankie thankie! im tryin! lolz im scared ima run out of non jeans clothes hahaha

    @FranJayy - the next time i wear the shirt i totally intend to just show the shit off of the back lolz :) thanks hun! the glasses were from the $.99 bin at the thrift store = YAAAY lolz thanks girl!

  7. I love the shirt "Pick flowers not fights" You have gorgeous legs!!

  8. Good luck! I don't think I can do it!lol

  9. wooooop! :D nice outfit! love this skirt, the whole combo for that matter, lovely! I'm really excited about this challenge! and I'm happy I've inspired you a little (*^_^*)