Monday, May 17, 2010

first and foremost

I want to explain why I haven't posted anything substantial since Thursday. To put it plain and simply, I'm paranoid.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about being safe online, and not just referring to personal information like bank card numbers and social security numbers, but to such irl (in real life) information as where you live, you're work schedule, children, vacations, etc. There are a growing number of sites aimed towards basically staking out people's homes using just information people openly share on twitter, facebook, myspace, blogs, etc.

So basically because of this and all the other hooplah about the information you share online I got kind of paranoid when I went out of town to visit my boyfriend. I totally hesitated to blog because I knew I'd have to share with you guys that my photos are blah blah blah quality because I'm not at home blah blah blah, and I was scared of all the freaky hype because you know I, and I'm sure many of you guys, see all over facebook and twitter people talking about "woooo vacation! i'm gonna be away from my hosue for 3 weeks!" lolz you know that kind of stuff and it really made me think about how easy it is for some stranger to just figure out where your house is and when you're not going to be home!

I apologize if I end up making anyone else paranoid, but I had to share with you guys :/

By the way, I'm not scared of getting robbed... I mean, I'm shallow... but I know the neighborhood I live in and I know the likelihood of our tiny apartment being robbed and I know the value of my stuff lolz so its not that serious... it's just my mom being home alone when I'm gone that really makes me nervous to be like "hey guys i'm in Temecula. WOOOOH!"

Anywho, I'm not really sure if I should have shared this paranoia but oh well lolz and I'm not saying that I'm gonna not post when I'm out of town or anything, but who knows... if I get past this craziness then I might just go to regular scheduled programming... we shall see.

But for now I'm home and ready to rumble with my steel baseball bat if anyone wants to be on my property :) lolz

You guys like my proper typing? I read everyone else's blogs and I kind of feel like an illiterate hobo when I compare it to my text on my blog lolz so we'll see if I can capitalize all my i's and use proper punctuation as opposed to my beloved "..." lolz


  1. I totally get paranoid like that too!! I've heard about someone getting robbed after they posted on facebook that the whole family was going on vacation for X amount of days. I guess the safest thing would be to announce your vacation when you return, but where's the fun in that? It's hard not to get all hyped up before vacay!! LOL

    ps. I totally wouldn't mess with you & that bat! ;-)

  2. Gotta watch out for Iza, she's a beast!!

    I found the site where they were posting all your tid bits, most of it was incorrect for me but it was still quite scary. I removed my name off the list and showed my folks so that they could do the same. It is kinda scary. Crazy, now I'm using Four Square and I think I'm a tad bit paranoid right now. Like I stopped announcing when I'm at home and I just leave it to when I'm out in public places...I guess that's a lil bit better, right?

  3. lol Iza you make me giggle with your bat...but I do understand being a little freaked out by that stuff. I feel that way too sometimes! You are not alone, girl!

  4. Hey girl! Yes I feel you on that one. That's part of the reason I've stopped being "active" on twitter/blogger/etc.. i really think that I'm going to strip down my facebook to the barebones..Especially since a few co-workers made some comments to me (not bad) about how I used to look..

    Yea Paranoid..I am.