Tuesday, May 11, 2010

inside my baggy

i've been meaning to do this :)

wanna see whats inside my bag?

[from top:
random coupons for universal studios, wing stop, subway, etc lolz
Death: a Life with george pendle
red gingham Lancome pouch (used as pencil pouch lolz)
turquoise kenneth cole wallet
old ass Moto Q9C cell phone
band aids
green planner w/ doodles & my Poppa's peewee football picture :D ♥
mini disposable nail files (soooo cool its like a matchbook but w/ mini nail files! i so need to get more)
birth control :)
brown flowery pouch for misc.
keys with old hot pink carabiner, pink breast cancer bracelet, pepe lepew key, etc.
zune 120 ♥
my old lady glasses case for when i sacrifice sight to look like a cool guy lolz]
[inside red gingham pouch:
i think for the rest of my life i will always be a nerd who carries around endless amounts of pens and pencils with them lolz
flash drive w/my transformers charm ;)
that orange pen, farthest on the right, on the left of the orange highlighter... is the coolest fucking pen EVER! its a pen, then when you turn the top part a highlighter rises around the pen barrel then WA-LA! its a highlighter!
/nerd mode]
[inside flowery pouch, from top:
sally hansen cuticle cream
hand sanitizer
allergy pills (im allergic to kitties :()
purse hook (another amazing invention)
eye drops (ugh you don't ever wanna see me when my allergies act up. im a mess!)
l'oreal hip lipgloss (i love this stuff so much! shoulda bought two :/)
mini victorias secret lotion
splenda mini drop thingies lolz
sorry excuse for a mirror (its half of a broken compact)
cloth to clean my glasses]

ok now YOU do it! :)


  1. wow,you got a lot of stuff in your bag! hehe and that purse hook... loves it! cute purse!

  2. omg. i thought i carried a lot of stuff around.

    GEEEEEZ IZA. you're like the old lady who lived in her purse! :P

    lol jkkk <3

    xo Allison

  3. awe I LOVE, you have quite the treasure in your purse!! :) I've been wanting to do this too, I'm so behind in blogging lol <3

  4. Wow, yeah I thought I carried a lot of stuff too. you carry a house around with you. I know the feeling though, girl scout motto "always be prepared". I used to carry a lot of pens and pencils around with me, but then I got these cute little tiny pens and I usually carry only 2 or 3 now. - Nerd mode as well.

  5. You bag is super cute! I love the pattern & colors! I've been planning on doing this too, but have been so lazy! LOL I'm definitely gonna do it now :)

  6. heehee THAAANKS guys :/ i didn't think it was THAT much stuff! lmao :P

    i dunno im just crazy and always think about needing something when i'm out and punchin myself in the head for leaving it at home (i need to carry my camera around more but, go figure, i feel like it would be too much stuff! lmao)

    now just imagine me when i go out with a CLUTCH! hahahahahahahahahaha its like picking things to take with me when i run out of a burning house... sooooo hard! lolz

    im surprised no one laughed at my throwing my birth control out there lolz