Tuesday, May 4, 2010

you think you know, but you have no idea

so as time has passed... this regular blog which i fully intended to be random/my life/online diary type of shit... became a full on fashion blog lolz... go figure

im quite happy with its transformation but at the same time i miss having my venting/really random/bull shit blog (originally on myspace... check it out here if you're ever bored and/or interested lolz)

so i decided to start it up again and create one on Tumblr :D

im quite excited to get back to sharing my shit with people... i never used to blog on myspace to get/capture readers... i did it because it was a nice vent... and i had 1 faithful reader that used to love to read them :)

anywho... here's where its at


heh obviously from the name you can guess its far from the content i got going here on blogger... you guys know my mouth/randomness/etc... so amplify that by maybe x57 and thats the tumblr blog ;)

and that is all i have to say about that!

back to the pretty things! :P



  1. i enjoy your rants, keep it coming, blog what you WANT, it's YOUR blog!! I'm still here ;)

  2. you know what ms. LaLa... u really just threw on a light bulb in my head! lolz you are sooo right... this is in fact, MY blog!

    <3 THANK YOU!