Sunday, May 2, 2010

quarter of a century haul

here's the outcome of my 3 days of b-day shopping... im such a penny pincher as of late that i actually hate shopping at the mall... i'd much rather thrift or go to ross lmao... so this is a mix of things from the mall & from thrifting :) i'm happy with it all as a whole but kind of bummed that i didn't get any shoes! blah... maybe tomorrow as i siphon out the last of my wallet lolz

[these 3 necklaces were all from my mommy :) <3]
[all from Nordstrom's last one is Betsey Johnson]

[i realized after i got all of these that they all have that sort of raw metal kinda look... bangles and large diamond ring - Charlotte Russe ($8 for both) 2-finger hearts ring - Forever 21 ($3.80 i think?)]

[this is my first official purchase from H&M lolz lilac tunic with satiny trim - ($10 on sale)... i really didn't understand what you guys meant about their sizing... this is a large... and it fits like a 2X maybe bigger lolz crazy H&M. its kind of sad because i sort of power shopped through the store because me and my cousin got there maybe 45 minutes before closing so i just tried this and bought it (with the too small bangles WHO SIZES BANGLES?! that u may have seen on twitter lolz) im still happy with it tho :) i love the fitted lower part of the sleeves and the little detail with the bottom trim!]

[cropped denim jacket - Faith 21 (umm $30 i think) pretty standard... i couldnt bear to buy that denim moto jacket from the Gap because of the whole closing thing ::sigh:: so i sort of settled for this 1 im still happy with it tho and still fully intend to find a cute denim biker jacket!]
[denim polka dot skirt with tulip pockets - Faith 21 ($15)]
[strapless polka dot dress - Faith 21 ($25) you guys might have seen this in one of my last posts... the dress that i fell in love with and fully intended on buying :) well here it is! lolz no story here... loved it... bought it... these 3 pieces from Forever 21 are the only things that i actually bought FULL price in this entire haul lolz(minus the jewelry)]

[grey wrap back vest - Charlotte Russe ($10 on sale 50% off clearance, yeah! lolz) i looove this vest! i see more things in CR now that go up to an XL so i usually still go through the clothes racks (not just jewelry, shoes, and underwear lolz) this vest is actually a large tho but because the wrap back is a woven tee shirt fabric it stretches very nicely without looking ill-fitting... i also love that its not cropped]

[turquoise studded shoulder tunic - JCPenney ($8 on sale) if u zoom in on the photo i think you can see that weird seam on the bottom half... it actually used to have elastic there but because i don't really like elastic hugging me on that part of my belly i knew right away that i was gonna buy it and just cut the elastic out from the inside ;) wah-lah!]
[abstract print skirt with balloon-y pockets (no idea wut theyre called) - JCPenney ($10 on sale)]

[black and grey floral tiered skirt with pockets - Target ($9 on sale)]

and the rest of these are my thrift store finds from today :)

[in my hunt for a denim shirt i scooped up this blue/looks almost like denim men's Gap button up :) for now! - $3.99]

[i will always be a sucker for anything fun and preppy looking lolz rainbow plaid Chaps Ralph Lauren men's button up - $6.99]

[American Eagle dark blue (sorry they don't look it) flairs - $3.50 (on sale at the Thrift store lolz now i feel like i'm just stealing from them!) these fit nicely up top but are pretty loose around the knees and then flare AND they're kind of ratty on the back of the cuffs (which is almost why i didn't buy them) but i realized i could roll them up and they make amazingly cute bf jeans ;)]

[black Free People skirt - $.99 i love Free People but they don't make plus sizes so it was funny that i came across this skirt and it fit and is ridiculously cheap lolz it also has really interesting mesh panels on the side of the waistline]

[chocolate brown suede atb bag - $.99 i kno u can't tell in the photo but its not very big only like 10"x9" im a sucker for organizer compartments lolz so u kno that whole front part had me... it looks worn but i think that just adds to the charm :)]

so i think thats it! i can't wait to wear all this stuff lolz im starting to think that im hoarding clothes because i still have pieces i just bought that i haven't even worn yet :/...

pish posh! lolz



  1. Nive haul!!! Happy belated Birthday

  2. Oooooo nice haul, I've never been shopping in H&M, but I ight give it a go, because of its crazy sizing. Oh and check my blog lovie, I gave you an award :D

  3. IZA!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHH for the award you gave me! I am going to make a post about it right now! I love reading your blog, you always make me smile!!!!
    And also...happy belated birthday! Looks like you got a lot of great stuff! I LOVE that blue polka dot skirt!

  4. Nice items! totally in love with every piece, esp. the rings!!!! oh my gosh, so beautiful, me want so bad! :P

  5. yay! you got that blue polka dot dress! and ALOT of other cute items! so jealous! :)

  6. love the polka dot dress! I cant wait to see how you rock it! You got some great buys! I love the jewelry that you picked up too!

  7. WOW I looove your thrift store finds! :D I'm not much for preppy stuff but I LOVE that plaid shirt! :D I can't wait to see how you play with it! :D

    xo Allison

  8. Wow i want everything! Especially the thrifted bag and the polka dot skirt!

  9. I love the first necklace & the hearts ring!! SO cute