Saturday, May 22, 2010

the way (straight) men love lesbians

i love guys who bond.

there's been a lot of Rob & Big reruns on mtv and while watching another episode and chuckling at all the things that this tiny white pro skater and this big black behemoth of a bodyguard do together on a daily basis i realize how much i LOVE (and by love i don't mean the usual casual connotation that you guys probably notice i use all the time, but trust me has no less severity!) male camaraderie... i love movies like the Woodthe Hangover and I Love You Man... and shows like Rob & Big and Scrubs (in this case specifically for the relationship between JD & Turk)... i can't explain what it is but there's something about men, especially men who appear/seem to be an unconventional pair, hanging out and doing things together and laughing together that just feels so pure and so endearing... i can't help but watch... i'm not going to say Rob & Big is my favorite show... but there is just something about these guys and the stuff they do together that makes it really easy to watch over and over again. and with that i'll leave you guys with some funny/my favorite male-istic no homo love :)

[HOW hot is bradley cooper in that black suit?!]

[that last bit might've been a bit too 'mo lolz but i still love it]

these muthafuckers made their own cereal based on Good Friends cereal lmao you really can't have a better roll dog than the one who will do shit like this wit you!


  1. haha i love you man is one of my favorites!! :)

  2. hey hun! i'm having a makeup sale on my blog! please feel free to check it out! =)

  3. I love seeing male companionship! I call em bromances! LOL I'm just tickled when I see guys with good relationships like that..