Wednesday, May 19, 2010


NDOTD 9/25

yesterday was sucha an icky feeling day... had a final at 8am, it was raining after so many beautiful days of sun (!!!) had to deal with some drama that got my heart palpitating lolz... anyways... i felt like an old stick in the mud in this outfit, to be honest... not that i didn't think it was cute but nothing struck me as unique so i felt like and old poop (do you sense my "never gonna grow up" attitude a little here lolz)
but i like to compensate for my boring attire by acting like a nut! :) i think my neighbors think i'm a total crazy by now lolz
[blue cowl neck tunic - ross
black pea coat - island plus
black leggings - target
black otk boots - charlotte russe
not pictured: 2 finger hearts ring & large studded diamond shape ring]

NDOTD 10/25

another way to compensate is to dress in something that i TOTALLY love ;) donezo!

you like how i had a natural Marilyn Monroe up skirt thing going here huh ;) lmao
and a ferocious red lip to break up the monotones :) 
[white v-neck - wal mart
black and grey floral skirt - target (8$ on sale)
black spandex-y leggings - beauty supply
black belt - thrifted
grey cardi sweater thing (someone PLEASE tell me wut these are called!) - wal mart, old
silver charm necklace - gift
Love 2 finger ring & black heart shaped ring (gift)]


  1. HAHAHHAA omg i'm totally cracking up at your jumping photo! :D lollllllll

    YES BLACK AND WHITE (and grey! lol)


  2. oh la la.. those red lips! so purrrty!

  3. haha I love your photos..I think your cardi is called either a pain boyfriend cardi or a waterfall cardi...


  4. LOL! Iza you are too funny, loving the pic of you jumping! And you're looking mighty fine girlie, love the red lipstick on ya :D

  5. You look great, you look damm hot in that skirt!
    lol, love the picture of you jumping.

  6. hehe I love your photos <3 that skirt is so pretty & I love the red lips!

  7. you're such a cutie and you crack me up! :D lol, totally inlove with the jump picture! haha. you look great hun!