Saturday, May 8, 2010

generation F for Fucked

thanks to ms. LaLa's comment on my post about my AYFS tumblr blog I have realized that this is, in fact, MY blog... and i think it would be unfair and a disservice both to you guys as readers and myself to differentiate between the two hemispheres of the Iza and what i want to blog about... so im gonna stop with the Tumblr blog (for now, unless blogger irritates me enough to move myself completely over) and just throw everything down RIGHT HERE! i was scared that maybe my f-bomb laced ramble/rants would scare off those of the fatshionable nature... but like i said... it'd be dishonest (and i'd feel like a pussy) if i had a little sweet and sugary blog and another completely opposite fuck-this-wack-ass-mutha-fucker blog... so... for my readers... both present and future... you gotta take all or nothing :)

with that being said... i got some shit to share.

A couple things happened that got me a little extra irate about this topic... i always have this thought in my head about how youth/children in this generation are all (and by all i mean a large majority) fucked.

first i read this Fuck My Life entry on the site:

then some little kid (no older than 13) on the bus asks me rudely and very nonchalantly if i have 50 cents (obviously to give to him). when i say no he says nothing and turns back around as if i never existed.

now lets start with the FML post....... is this really a "FUCK MY LIFE" moment?! like... really?! you had to wipe your younger sister's poop butt for ONE fucking night... and all of a sudden your entire life is just in fucking shambles? to the point that you had to post your extremely traumatic day on the internet! how spoiled and just completely oblivious do you have to be raised to feel this disgusted and appalled at wiping your SISTERS butt!? when i first read it all i thought of was how there are so many young children/teens in poorer households RIGHT NOW that are probably wiping their younger siblings asses and doing homework and cooking dinner... all at the same fucking time!!!!! and i'm not even going to blame it on economical status because plenty of middle class, upper middle class, and maybe even a rare high class household... raise their children so they understand the value and purpose of hard work especially in accordance with family. oh... and why the hell aren't all the votes for "you totally deserved this"?! can you believe anyone else would even vote "i agree, your life sucks"??? thats fucking ridiculous... and makes me even more upset that there are other tools out there that share this idiots sentiment about having to do a little diaper/poop duty.

now as for that little kid who asked me for money, i know it may seem pretty trivial and run of the mill... especially if you live in a large city with a lot of pan handling and what not... but this kid just rubbed me the wrong way. like i said, especially in the LA area, you get a lot of ppl on public transport asking for change/handouts/donations/kindness/anything... and these people that usually ask me are people who wear their struggles on their faces and in their voices but even with that they manage to be polite and kind and often say "God bless you" or "have a nice day" or simply "thank you" even when I don't have change to spare... but when young kids/teenagers ask me... they are just rude and ungrateful (regardless if you give them change or not)... maybe its because they don't really need it... they want it for food or blunts or extra bus fair... i don't fucking know... all i know is that they always ask me in the rudest way possible... like its some twisted telemarketing scheme... i dont know... all i know is it makes me unhappy about how children and the younger generations are being raised these days.

so before anyone comes at me about generalizing with the youth... let me remind you that i may have used the word all, but i didn't mean ALL (remember, i said 'large majority' ;))... i know there are plenty of kids that are respectful, honest, know the value of a dollar, and would do anything for their families... i'm talking about the kids who bitch and moan like the one who wrote the FML post... kids who don't know what its like to work hard to help their family... who think that they're lives are over if they don't get a new range rover on their 16th birthday...

you notice that i'm not saying i don't like "spoiled" children... well thats because i have no problem with spoiling your kids... but it is a very thin line between deserved spoiling and spoiling rotten... when i was younger i pretty much got whatever i asked for (within reason, im still waiting on my horse Ma :|) but also because of certain events and situations, i learned at a young age that life is not always easy going and getting whatever you point at in the store, you have to appreciate whatever is given to you... whether its food on your table... or that stupid fucking furby you bitched for all week... and because of this and how i turned out... i fully intend to spoil my children... they will want for nothing... but they will know WHY they don't have to want for anything... they'll understand about hard work and the difference between want and necessity... and they sure as fucking hell will know how to help around the house... and even if they don't they won't wince at the thought of wiping their little sister's ass... lolz... i HOPE my children will be raised this way anyways... u best believe im gonna work my damndest to avoid it.

i suppose im done ranting now lolz


  1. I totally know where you're coming from and I feel the same way, today more and more children grow up spoiled and it sucks, be can almost only blame the parents for that. I will never raise my kids to be spoiled, you need to know to take care of your fam. and to work hard to reach your goals or whatever you want out from live. Not everything comes served on a silver plate for you. :)

  2. I like your blog. You are really funny.