Saturday, May 15, 2010

a little fluff

Lauren's weekly Fill In the Blanks :) (from the little things we do blog)

filling in between posts with my vain fluff lolz

1) the very best thing about summer is... the sun! the beach! less clothing! lolz lazy days by the kiddy pool, taking my niece and nephews to the beach, spending more time with friends. no matter how old i am summer will always be the epitome of fun as if everything fun and wonderful waits to happen 'til the summer lolz i think i just figured out when i'm gonna get married :P i know its not even summer yet, but look what it makes me do!!! hahahahahaha the only bike i'll ever be able to ride
[p.s. thats not my side boob/roll lmao]

2) my first crush ever was this asian kid in 3rd grade who had really good hair lmao i always wanted to play pogs with him but i was too shy :|

3) this may sound really silly but i will watch anything m.night shyamalan makes! i know everyone thinks that he makes crap films, but i think he is the maker of adult fairy tales :)

4) i squeeze my toothpaste from wherever! until its almost done then i'll start pushin it up towards the top. i find this easier than tryina push from the bottom the whole time plus it doesn't help sharin toothpaste with butt head ppl who squeeze right in the middle even when they see you're tryina do it from the bottom! ugh lolz /mini rant

5) my absolute favorite "comfort food" is my mom's spaghetti mmmmmmmmmmmmm so bad yet sooo wonderful!

6) a random fact about me is that i think im slightly and selectively ocd lolz if that makes sense. i'm crazy about whether i turned the stove off before bed or washing dishes (especially forks!) or buying anything (i inspect it almost inside out to make sure there aren't any imperfections that i can't tolerate) or a bunch of other random things.

7) the one piece of technology that truly makes my life better and i couldn't live without is a cell phone, i guess lolz i hate to admit it but they are just soooo necessary now a days!


  1. I honestly think everyone has a little Monk in them- I'm guilty too but I'm not confessing what it is :P it's super embarassing!

    You should do more of these posts they're hilarious hehehe

  2. i will watch almost anything too and i tell you, that has gotten me in trouble one too many times. lol

  3. I can't function with out my cell phone!!

    P.S. Send me you address so I can get your prize out to you tomorrow morning!

  4. why is pasta so comforting?

    I think that about 90% of the population is a bit OCDish. I've never met someone who didn't have a problem with something. For me, when I'm writing on paper with holes, all the holes have to be lined up and the paper has to be the same size or I cannot write on it. :p

  5. psssttt!!!! hoy ganda! u won $50 bucks for lucielu!!! WOO-HOO!! soooo glad it was u! love u mahal ... ill email u ASAP as soon as i get the gift card code! xoxoxo!!!

  6. Congrats Iza Life for enjoying and living free

  7. lol, that pic of you on the bike is the best thing I've seen all day.