Friday, May 28, 2010

some may know why, some may not... (its not that i told some of you and some of you i didn't, its fucking facebook and it's evil sharing)

but my heart is not in the right place for blogging as of now.

i'm sorry to have just left the challenge right in the middle... but some things you have no control over.

i will most likely still be reading and commenting because i do love u guys and ur blogs so much (and to be honest i wish you guys were all around me to give me one giant group hug right now lolz /gay Iza mode)

and i can still be caught on twitter and facebook (facebook more often than twitter, feel free to add me, the link is over there on the right somewhere)

so thank you guys for coming this far with me! something tells me i'll be back bigger, better, and stronger ;)



  1. Sorry hun, Sending e-hugs and internet love :)

  2. Girl I gonna miss your funny ass. One big fat gay hug coming at cha.

  3. Awwww! We will miss you!

    hope you feel better sweetie! And that everything turns out ok! :)

    Much Luv!
    -Christina <3

  4. here's a giant zebra sized virtual hug *ZEBRA HUG*
    it's a zebra because zebra's represent love and comfort for me so that's what I want to share with you :) <3

  5. nooooooooooo...:( take care ok. I'll miss you! *tight hugs*

  6. Ahhhh man! Girl Im'a miss your posting! Will you come back? I'm sending you a HUGE gay hug and kiss at ya girl! <3

  7. Iza! I will really miss reading, you always make me laugh! You need to do what is best for you though...I hope all is alright! *hugs* Added you on facebook!! :)

  8. Damnit, I'm gonna send Ryan to give you a hug!!!! <3 I wub you Iza!!! You know I'd give you every type of hug in the world hun.

  9. Blargh - I was popping on the tell you that it looks like Rimmel has shelved the grey I was thinking of too.

    You take your time and feel better. x.

  10. Sending HUGE hugs in the mail bb!

  11. awe love I'm sorry and totally understand!! love you lots get lifted and feel better!! ox

    ps. FB is evil!