Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthday pt 2

saturday night me and my amigos and amigas went to Chile's... we intended to just have dinner and a few drinks then head over to the bar round the way... but i guess we got comfortable and just shacked up in Chile's being probably as obnoxious as possible until after midnight (mind you they closed at 11 lolz) the only decent photo i have of my outfit was taken at home sans ALL my accessories because i just wanted to see if the shoes matched the dress (as many of you may kno i was struggling with this via twitter earlier in the day lolz) i'ma throw in a few other photos of me and some of my favorite ppl... man i need to get better at taking way more photos at events... and posing better ::sigh::

[dress - faith 21 ($25) shoes - forever 21 ($11 on sale) i tend to over analyze things and i just kept thinking these were way too awkward together but i reaaally wanted to wear the shoes and i had no other dress to go w/them just jeans and tops... and i have a thing about wearing a dress on my b-day lolz i think it turned out okay though with my added gun/raw metal accessories... oh and i am so in love with these shoes! i've never walked so much in a pair of heels in my life!! i need to like fashion all of my future heel purchases after these as far as height/platform/coverage goes because they were just heavenly! with no valet! lmao so awesome!]

[with my BFFFFFFFFFF and my SOUL cousin <3<3]

[we go our separate ways but we eventually always reconnect <3 est. 1996 heh i just realized we're like a ghetto neapolitan ice cream... brown, yellow, & black lmao]

even though my Bae was unable to make it because of work and wack ass temecula lolz... i still had a wonderful time with some of my most favorite people :D good food, good friends, good laughs... GOOD LIFE! thank you God!


did i mention my friends are fucking awesome? lolz


  1. lol! told you those shoes and that dress would work! ;D

  2. Love this dress on you! I stared at it on the website until it sold out LOL. Happy belated b-day. You looked great!

  3. You look great! I love those shoes! Glad you had a good time chica! :)

  4. I think the shoes look just fine w/the dress...sounds like you guys had an awesome time! lol I've been known to make waitresses really work for them tips! lol @ the ghetto neopolatin ice cream! LMAO

  5. @CGC - i should've just trusted ur judgement from the start! :P thanks hunny!

    @Carmella - aww u shoulda got it too! thank u thank youuuu-oooh! :)

    @LaCara - thank u so much! yeah good food/drinks with good friends and its always a good time!

    @Nik - lolz well i cant really remember if we annoyed the waitress, she seemed super nice... but i had to regulate on sum customers at an adjacent table promised to my friends lolz surprised i didn't get ina fight that night but hey that would not have been my fault! lolz i already kno wut ur thinking hahaha

  6. grr this dress with these shoes on you... turns me on, sexy mamasita! haha lol