Monday, May 10, 2010

NDOTD 1/25... AAAND a DIY! aren't you lucky ;)

NDOTD (No Denim Of The Day) 1/25... damn this challenge already! i didn't wanna go out today lolz i wanted to stay inside and DIY every t-shirt i owned (after reading about this DIY on Fran Jayy's lovely blog) but just for youuuuu suckas... i got dressed :) and i had to go eat dinner & pick up sum necessities from the stoh' too... so yeah... blah...

[i was contemplating between the shirt tucked in or not... now that i look at it i kind of like the tucked in better even though it makes my torso look awkward hahaha <3 the awkward... well this was the final say...]
[cropped denim jacket - Faith 21 ($28), striped tee - old navy ($7 i think, on sale), black Free People skirt - thrifted, black leggings & simple skinny black headband - beauty supply/clothing store, necklace - island plus, big silver ring - charlotte russe ($4), big black jewel heart ring - gift (not visible)]

so while perusing a new blog i found (The Frantic Dreams of You're Modern Day Giant) i came across a DIY she's doing that she got from another blog i follow (Childhood Flames) for this awesomely simple/fun/grungy/did i mention awesome?! shredded tee! here's Camille's version (the simple v-neck, she also does a tank top in her tutorial video)

i was kind of confused on how to start the whole thing but i found this video that really simplifies it for anyone else who wants to try this

- a knitted tee shirt or tank or anything! as long as its knitted (everyone keeps saying this doesn't work on woven fabrics, i have no technical knowledge so im just taking their word for it lolz)... and thats all!

here are my results, it looks almost like a mix between soft lace and cheese cloth... from far away lolz (i tested it out on an old von dutch (ugh) tee i had and when it turned out really well i did it on a t-shirt that i had turned into a muscle beach tank (you know big giant arm holes) down the center of the back... can't wait to wear this at the beach! i wanted it straight down the middle of the back but because of the fabric it veered to the side lolz... still looks kinda cool tho ;) i wanna make one that looks like Camille's, on a simple white v-neck all down the side)


  1. Cool!
    Love your outfit girly.

  2. Cute outfit, so has all the qualities I look for...cute, comfy and casual. I know you can do a great job with your NDOTD, don't get discourage! You can do it!!!

  3. yes, ive been wanting to do this for years! so lazy! lol can't wait to see it on you.

  4. good luck with the challenge! I know I can't do a no denim challenge, I live in mines. hehe.

    Oh and the DIY shirt is hot!! I was thinking about doing it too, but don't know how it would hold up when I wash it. hmp! let me know how that turns out. :)

  5. I love shredding tee shirts. The more you do the faster you get. Owning a seam ripper helps too.

  6. great challenge! good luck! :D you can do it! you look great! :D

  7. FUN! I'm going to have to try this out!

  8. @Gazel - thank u thank u hunny :)

    @Cid - thanks! yeah im tryina look at my closet differently and be a little more inventive with my wardrobe lolz

    @Linda - yeah thats the way i feel now that im in the challenge... i miss my jeans sooooo much lolz... Camille (from says that its actually pretty strong even after the shredding so it should be okay in gentle cycle (but i probably wouldnt try it unless it was 100% cotton) im probably gonna stick to hand washing and line drying mine :) you should totally try it!

    @theF&SonF - i love it too now! lolz i did pretty well w/out one :)

    @Jennifer - thanks babe! :D

    @LaLa - yay! u should... its a bit addicting tho lolz i was shredding everything in sight the other night hahahaha