Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday pt.1

Thursday was my Birthdaaaaaay :) had a lovely day at home just spending qt with my Bae... i wasn't even thinking about a cake and candles... but he was :D he surprised me with a delicious strawberry lemonade bunt cake and my big 2-5 candles... and he sang me a "Happy Birthday" solo lolz I LOVE THIS MAN! <3 x infinity!

then dinner at the most delicious seafood place that i've ever been to! Boiling Crab! (with my amazing Charmizzle & Joriz) it was my Poppa's first time there so i was nervous whether he'd enjoy it as much as we do... and he did! totally worth the 1.5 hour wait! trust me! lolz so if ur in the So Cal area and u love seafood... u need to go here like yesterday! lolz (they have other locations in Cali and also in Texas check out the full list here)

couldn't have asked for more on my 25th b-day :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! to my fellow bull ;) Cid! (from Cid's Style File)

sorry for lack of an outfit post... i was ina rush and it was too windy outside the restaurant lolz i'll be wearing that 'fit again tho so don't worry ;P


  1. OMG Looks soooooooo yummy! I need you to send me a slice of that cake ASAP! lol mama has a sweet tooth!

    Aweeeeeeee I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday...I'm sad that I'm missing everyone's bday! :( No fair! but that's ok, you guys will be right on time for mines! :-P hehe December baby! LOL

  2. Pink lemonade cake? Sounds fab! I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday bb :D! The food is def not my kinda thing but I'm liking the bib, your man looks cute lol

  3. happy belated birthday!
    you ollllllld

  4. Awwww Happy belated Birthday sweetie! I'm glad you had a great time! Hmmmm that cake looks yummy, I'll give you my address so you can send a slice lol ;P.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Chica. OH MY GOODNESS that bundt cake looking creation looks so delicious. I'm lusting for it.

  6. There was a lot of 'awwww's and drooling while I was reading this post :P Glad you had a great birthday- you totally deserve it!

  7. Happy belated. Girl, you don't even look 25. You look more like 15 lolz


  8. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you had a great day. that cake looks amazing! it's so cute that he sang to you! awww!! =]



    you are you boy are too cute! <3

    xo Allison

  10. Thank you for the birthday shout out!!! Looks like you had a great day! I wanted to go the boiling crab for my bday too, but left house late & didn't want to wait forever!! Looking forward to bday part 2!:)

  11. to my new blog bff - happy birthday mahal! looks like u had a grand time and u got me all cravin for some shhhrrriimmmpp! im glad u got to spend it with ure lovely bf and i wish u the best and the most fab year ever!

    did u know that u remind me so much of my cuz, patricia? i ♥ her and thats why i ♥ u so much! so did u utot after all those shrimps???

    .... lol! ;-P

  12. thank you so much my loves! for all the b-day well wishes :)

  13. Happy Birthday! :)