Monday, May 17, 2010

NDOTD update!

NDOTD 3/25 - 8/25

Now sit back and please enjoy the barrage of web cam photos :)

[I arrived on Wednesday so this was my traveling outfit and since I take the train I don't really like to over do my oufits too much.
- men's long sleeve button up (thrifted)
- khaki shorts (wal mart)
- aviators (thrifted)]

[These were taken at like 6am because we were heading to my Bae's parent's house to spend some QT with them :) That first one is me being excited for my first ever chambray dress :D You can wear it with or without these little straps but you know damn well I'll never wear those things lolz And I've grown sooo fond of my love beads! Glad I could wear them with this dress.
- chambray dress (ross $16)
- brown cardigan (old)
- brown braided belt (ross $7)
- bead necklaces (beauty supply $1)
- colorful bangle (beauty supply $1) I really need to take a close up of this bangle because it's my favorite right now! It's like wooden but wrapped in this thread that changes color so it gives it this super colorful and really ethnic feel!]

[First off, excuse my boyfriend lolz I didn't feel like cropping him out. I've had this dress for a long time so it's nothing special but I thought I'd spice it up with this belt (that you will soon see I pretty much wore all weekend lolz) and my rough metallic bangles.
- printed brown halter dress (old)
- bangles (charlotte russe)
- thats the same belt you've seen and that you're gonna keep seeing lolz]

[Do not ask me why I am giving the tv a sad face lolz Nothing too special here once again. Got semi-dressed to go out to see Just Wright with my Bae's best friend while he was at work (how cool is it that we can do that! lolz)
- white and grey striped tee (wal mart $6)
- denim polka dot skirt (faith 21 $14)
- silver bird and rose charm necklace (gift)
- I just wore the silver bangles from the Charlotte Russe set]

[I just love lounging around in a maxi!
- brown (i think) Indian print maxi (ross $?)
- wore all my bangles together and can't forget the belt]

[Going home outfit, once again nothing too crazy mostly comfy because I was gonna be on quite a few trains.
- grey and maroon duo dress (faith21 old)
- darker grey leggings (target)
- momma here come that belt again! lolz]

Well everyone there is my NDOTD update for the weekend. I have a final tomorrow morning at 8 so I'm going to go ahead and bone up a little bit ;) lolz Goodnight!

BTW, I missed you guys! <3

I really don't think I'm going to be able to do this proper typing mumbo jumbo lolz :/ It just doesn't feel like me!


  1. aw. missed ya! I love all your outfits! looking good girl!

  2. Great outfits!! Love the maxi dress!!

  3. Oooooo Iza my eyes are marvelling at your outifits! I really love the maxi dress! You look fab in all of these looks, you go girl! :D

  4. I LOVE every outfit! I've had a hard time finding dark gray leggings, did you get them at Target recently? I'm gonna hit them up asap!! :)

  5. Izaaaaaaaaaaaah ahhhhhhhhhh i miss you! *pout* I'm inspired to wear shorts *deep breath* I think we have similar chambray long one & your short one! DUDE, when we double date we can be like double mint twins haha so lame I know but I'm saying! :D

    BTW, thank you for showing that a shorter girl can def rock the maxi dress! LOVE IT!

  6. Oh wow, that maxi dress was made for you!!

  7. Love 'em all! Especially the one with your polka dot skirt...I am in LOVE with that thing!
    You look fab and are doing great with your challenge! :)

    Oh! and I can't speak for everyone obviously but I personally love reading your blog how you write it naturally because your personality really shines through!! Do it your way girl! :)


    i miss my jeans SOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING MUCH! ::woosaaah:: lolz

    yeah but counting todays (which i kno i havent posted yet) i am more than half way done with this challenge! WOOOOT! :D

    thank you ladies for the <3 and support!

    @Nik - I KNOOOOOW! i totally thought of you when i bought that dress! and i fully intended to show you as my inspiration :) but i forgot :( bad Iza! i guess its okay because my pictures look like crap anyways... but next time i wear it ima use u and make it all double minty and stuff ;) lolz and yeah i look super short in that maxi! funny the majority of my life i was always so self conscious of my height (at a whopping 5'6"! lmao)

    @Case - i think i like naturally resort to writing like this! i've always hated punctuation and ::whispers:: to this day i have yet to know the difference when using colons and semicolons lmao :x i figure as long as i can write a proper paper for school i'm a-okay ;) <3

    once again thank you sweet nuggets!