Sunday, May 9, 2010

official tissue

alriteee guys... i'm sure many of you heard me talk about on my vlog about a challenge i want to do...

well i am officially starting my challenge tomorrow May 10th (which means the next day i will be able to wear jean pants or shorts will be June 4th) you guys are totally more than welcome to join me in this challenge! if you guys didn't see me on my vlog, i am initiating this challenge for myself because of my recent 25th birthday and because of the progression of my style over the years and more importantly over the last few months. 

i don't really have any rules besides that i cannot wear denim pants/capris/shorts for 25 days. if you're asking why these pieces... well its because they've always been my go-to clothing staples... not skirts or khakis or dresses... just jeans... so i thought it would be a tough challenge and would really force me to explore the other options in my closet.

i know its gonna be pretty tough on me only because i will be spending time at my boyfriends and i'm usually just lounging around his house... in jeans lolz and also im not really used to taking an outfit photo every single day so its almost like a double challenge lolz... well wish me luck guys! and good luck to any of you who want to join my challenge! obviously if u want to do this challenge too u don't necessarily have to start tomorrow, you just have to do 25 days straight ;)


  1. I think I should participate in this, but I'd have an easier time because I barely wear jeans. :s

  2. oo good luck bb! I'll join in lmao I don't even own a pair of jeans ;)

  3. Best of luck! It'll be a breeze promise, I can't even remember the last time I wore jeans or pants. Dresses and skirts <3

  4. lol, I love that your blog now has a content warning. Keep up the profanity, you're my kinda girl.
    I'm about 16 days into 27 days of only dresses, so come day 28 first thing I'm doing is putting on a pair of jeans. Otherwise I probably woulda joined you too. I tend to wear mostly dresses and skirts now, but it's still nice to have jeans to fall back on.
    The taking outfit pics everyday has been a bit of a challenge for me to get used to too. It makes me put in the effort each day though. It's also made me branch out and try pieces of clothing I probably wouldn't of for the sake of keeping things interesting.
    Best of luck on your journey!

  5. I would go INSANE, I think I LIVE in denim! I might have to try this JUST so that I can say I did it ahah! Good luck on your denimless journy! I'm sure after the first week it will just be a breeze up your skirt ;)

  6. @ Gazel, Stephanie, Weesha - shut it you constant dress/skirt wearers! lolz i wanna be you guys when i grown up :P

    @ The P&PP - thank you! i was wondering how ppl would take the warning... but i'd rather be safe than sorry lolz yes i've definitely noticed the difference in my getting ready now that i kno ppl are looking hahahaha :P thank u for the well wishes on this challenge (i really think i'll need it :/) and good luck on the 11 days of dresses you got left :)

    @ Fran Jayy - i totally think you should do it with me! lolz i need a challenge buddy! come ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! :D hahaha

  7. Hey, this sounds like a great challenge! I'd love to do it with you, I don't wear jeans everyday but I do use them as a fall back, especially in rainy NorCal spring weather. Are jean skirts allowed?

    PS: Thanks for checking out my blog, to answer your question about the studs, they are not too uncomfortable because I push the prongs way in so that it is not flush with my skin, but inside the raised part itself. Hope that helps!

  8. Well get it girl. IDK if I could do it. I wear pants/jeans a lot. More power to ya. I'm so excited to see how it goes.

  9. dude! i laughed so hard when i saw the content warning ... i wish i was bad butt like u ... lol. i am SOOO loving this challenge girl! cant wait! eeeekkk!