Tuesday, May 4, 2010

something definitely worth the repost

so i wrote this on my verrrryyy old myspace blog (in December of '07, wow! lolz) that i was perusing while reposting things onto my new tumblr blog (see links over there ---> if interested) and i really feel like its worth reposting because it is still something i feel very strongly about.

okay... so this started off as a song i guess.... but now i see chicks living by this little "mantra" i suppose you could call it, all the time now!
"You might be where he's at, but I'm where he wanna be"
and its fucking irritating! irrational! pathetic! and plain stupid! i can't even begin to understand how plastering a statement like this all over the place and reciting it in your heads could possibly make you feel like an empowered and succesful woman! i can't even understand how perfectly logical and smart females can read that and not be bothered by it... who knows... maybe it's that spirit in me that always refuses to let me settle...::sigh::
so you guys are basically saying... hey... it doesn't matter where he is or what woman he's choosing to be with... as long as he always tells you, or makes you feel like YOU are actually where he'd prefer to be? is that it?
its fucking pathetic... if anything i'd prefer you ladies live by this quote instead... guaranteed it'll get you the treatment that you're always bitching about not having
"don't make someone a priority if they've only made you an option."

you bitch and moan every other minute about only coming across men who don't want to treat you properly, who don't want to provide you with the respect that you know you deserve... while at the same time saying to yourself... oh fuck that other bitch he's wit, she knows that he really loves me... lmfaoooo... when will you learn?
and you know what... for you women out there who are stupid enough (sorry) to actually be willing to live by that first quote... more power to you... shit, its your life... but don't sing that chant, then turn around the next minute and bitch because you feel like God is only providing you with men that are under par... when you in fact are singing a birds song that is attracting them towards you... this is not about getting taken advantage of or being ignorant... because i know most of you women out there are FAR from that... it's about feeling like you have to settle for that person that comes up to you and offers you a role as a side dish just because it doesn't seem like you will ever get a better offer...
you are a WOMAN, you are our creator's most beloved daughter... and you deserve to sit on the highest pedastal on your own... not next to someone else... or at a notch below another... or even at a notch above another... because always remember... if a man says he loves you... then that means he should love you in your entirety... in your good and your bad... he can't love you when your at your best then when you happen to fall short... run off to piece number 2 to fulfill his needs... FUUUCK THAT!
okay... rant done :)

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  1. lmao getit girl!!! I've done these before, you remind me of all the ones I've done (if you look deep into "older" post on my blog, you'll find them) You let it out on this one <33