Sunday, May 23, 2010

NDOTD update

yesssss i know i've been lagging to share my NDOTDs but i've just been so blah as far as outfits go lolz... have been uber bored lately, to the point where i feel like maybe i shoulda took summer classes :/ anywho... here goes the last 4 days, including today. and don't worry guys i haven't been cheating! lolz even though i miss my denim so intensely and i'm so jealous of everyone i see in jeans :'(

super duper boring town :| i didn't do anything thursday except go to dinner last minute (BOILING CRAB!) so i just threw on this dress that i wore the hell out of all last summer... no accessories, no cute shoes, nothin! and i couldn't even take half way decent pictures of it BLAH lolz i feel like a fashion failure this day, but wutever :)

purple paisley strapless dress w/pockets - gift

i really enjoy how the largeness of this tunic makes for really interesting draping when belted :)
[3/4 sleeve tunic w/satiny trim - H&M ($10 on sale, size L fits more like a 3x/2x(as a tunic) MAKE IT WORK ;) (great advice from ALL the Fatshionistas!)
black leggings - ross
belt - thrifted
Dolce Vita gladiators - ross
bracelets and ring on my left hand - charlotte russe (both for $8)
black large jewel heart ring - gift]

[laundry day :)
white with grey floral print halter (made halter after regular straps broke lolz) - old
jean jacket - faith21
brown atb bag - thrifted
flippy floppies]

[this is how much i love you guys, i actually kept my whole outfit on and took photos when i got home! thats me in my back yard at like 10 o'clock lolz
plaid tunic - islands plus, old
black spandexy leggings - beauty supply
men's braided leather belt - target, old
studded gladiators - ross, $15]

[i just bought this reaaaally cute silver charm necklace from Nordstrom Rack the other day for $5! 
silver snake ring, diamond studded ring, and bangles (minus the 1 with the dangling heart) - charlotte russe
stone ring & heart charm bangle - farmer's market ($1)]

wooot, passed the half way point! :D


  1. um okay, WHAT?! why would you cover those legs up with jeans?! hotnesssssss!

    LOVe the photo where you're flashing a little leg! hahaha <3

    xo Allison

  2. WOOOO!!!!! NICE RINGS!!!!! OMG!!! :D :D :D :D :D

  3. girl you got some gorgeous legs please flaunt them :)

  4. you always look so cool... :( i want to look that cool, too!

    and would you please tell me, what is going on in your backyard? or the backdoor? it kinda scares me!