Wednesday, May 19, 2010

few points to make

1) Zack Morris had UH-MAY-ZING hair during senior year at Bayside!

2) my aunt bought a bunch of makeup from, i guess, this really big sale at Target the other day... and she gave me some mascara and this totally "Iza" named lip gloss lmao... but thats not the best part! this shit is apparently "lip plumping" and by lip plumping they mean it has some sort of chemical that makes my lips feel like they fell asleep and are "waking up" for like 10 minutes :| it is the freakiest sensation. i had to go up to the bathroom mirror a bunch of times to make sure it was just the lip gloss and not my mouth breaking out in hives!

3) I got this really beautiful and unique ring from my mom yeaaaaaaaaaaaars ago but its always been way too small for me, even as a pinky ring! Its just wide silver in the back so I'm wondering if I could take it to a jeweler or something and they could hammer it out and make it bigger because theres a lot of silver in the back to stretch out... do any of you guys know anything about this process?

4) GIVE AWAY ASAP! i'm totally ready to give back and thank you guys :) i just need to find out what i'm gonna use as a prize lolz and i really do apologize guys cuz i OVER THINK everything! including this... i've been looking around at items to give away but i always second guess myself and start to think that maybe you guys wont like it or want it and i really want to give away something that everyone will enjoy or at least get some use out of... blah so we'll see... today i'm gonna try verrrrryyyy hard to find the give away item(s) so i can do this already lolz


  1. I agree with the Zack Morris statement. LOL

  2. zack morris-- "time out"-- YOU GOT IT COMPLETELY RIGHT ;)

    i loooooove soap & glory products! totally have to get me some lippy- cheeky! ;)