Wednesday, May 26, 2010

tell me about your favorite high fat piece of clothing

more than a few of you may know about the goings on having to do with a certain video and a certain plus size fashion mag lolz... here's a couple really good posts on some bloggers' specific opinions... the lovely NikStar's post here and the wonderful (but sadly no longer blogging ::super sad face::) Literal Gemini here.

but yeah... these posts and my opinion on this situation is NOT why i'm here (just thought i'd share a little bit of background in case you were tardy for the party ;P)... i'm here now because this whole controversy about (yet again) clothes that "flatter" (aka LOW fat and NON fat clothes lmao!!!) and clothes that may NOT "flatter" but make you happy anyways... got me thinking about something i wanna know about YOU guys, my fantastic readers :)

of course this whole "how to dress fat people so they look skinny" situation isn't anything new for the fat/plus fashion community... but i do know that many (not ALL) of the blogs i read and the bloggers that follow me choose to dress themselves in clothes that make them FEEL GOOD... not necessarily what plays down their fat (as is currently being advised in some videos/blogs/books/etc)... 

so my request from my readers is... tell me about a favorite-wear all the time-could never part with even if it had a dozen holes in it item in your closet that is totally against the "fashion rules" (e.g. horizontal stripes, bright colors, makes you top heavy when you're narrow on the bottom, vice versa, etc.) and if you don't have one... tell me about something that you have always wanted to have in your closet that may be considered "unflattering" by some but still makes your heart flutter and puts a smile on your face whenever you see it or try it on.

i'm not at all trying to convert people away from wearing what "flatters" them... if that is the way you like to shop then i'm sure it makes you happy :) that's all that matters... i just wanna know about something that may be considered unconventional or even unattractive on your size/shape/frame/whatever BUT you still love it regardless.

i don't know if this is a weird request lolz... but i'd really like to know this about you guys :)

my items would have to be my ultra skinny jeans that have a weird light acid-ish wash and totally hug the hell out of my ankles lolz someone even said they make my legs look like "ham hocks" LMAO but they are still my favorites!... and another growing favorite is red lipstick :) even though it makes my lips look super itty bitty... i love how sexy i feel in it! 


  1. I have a striped shirt from ASOS curve I just bought and got in the mail yesterday. It's baggy, oversized and striped. It's cute. I love it.

    I don't care if it makes me look bigger. Nothing will make me look smaller so.

  2. I have a black pair of pants from kohls that I love.

    they have a hole in the thigh but I just put on some spanks so I don't feel the hole and I'm good! they're comfy and they make my booty look cute :)

  3. Well for me it's my 2 plaid shirts. I feel so "me" in them and they don't hug my torso. I hate tops that hug my torso. Also my jeans that ripped myself. Unfortunately, the fastening button is on the verge of falling off but I refuse to throw them out! lol

    I'd like to have more loose-fitting clothes though. I have a belly lol so I'd like some loose kaftans, tunics, & button-ups.

  4. I have this fantastic, yet classic, little black dress. It seriously fits like a glove. I would NEVER give it up. I bought it it Charolette Russe 6 years ago. It's my go to dress for just about any occasion. You can dress it up with belts or flashy accessories and it's a constant hit. The dress is fading to an unnatural shade of gray and I am considering trying to dye it black.

    Tube tops are no-no's. Unless you have a rocking hot bod or under the age of 20. Even so... I think it's tacky and WAY skanky.

  5. ok, I recently bought this bold, floral print romper which I haven't worn yet but I most definitely will rock it this summer!

  6. oh and I also have a HORIZONTAL STRIPE tshirt dress that I bought from NY&Co.

  7. I think mine would have to a Black Calvin Klein ruffled skirt. When I first tried it on, I thought it made my hips look a little bigger, then I decided screw it, my hips are big, it's not like I was fooling anyone into thinking they weren't. I really love it and have worn it tonnes. (not on my blog yet though, shall have to remedy that sometime soon)

  8. I wish I could rock red lipstick. I have a phobia of any colored lipstick... you seen the picture of me circa 1998, my prother would come up behind me and smear my lipstick across my face. He did it to me again a few years ago.

    Plus I look like a huge idiot with any type of lip color, OMG, I havethe BIGGEST mouth ever.

  9. HMMM...I have so many articles of high-fat clothing that I love...cute tops with cap sleeves that make my arms look fat... floaty tops with no defined waist that make me look extra top heavy...whatever. I love them! I'll take my high-fat clothes over that video's BS any day.

    <33333 Allison

  10. My green and white striped shirt that I got on clearance from K-Mart. I look fat, but I also love what it does for my cleavage!

  11. I right now am wearing my high fat gauchos lol I don't think anyone wears these anymore. I got these from Target years ago and I still have them. They make my thighs look larger and show off my superb round belly but I still wear em! LOL They are so fuckin comfy! I almost threw them in the trash when I realized they made me look bigger on the bottom, but I can't. I love em.

  12. hi, love your blog, putting you on my blogroll! :)

    stay fab :D

    xx Anika