Sunday, April 4, 2010

this is ladies night... oh what a night!

[white and grey floral summer dress - oldy but goody]
[plaid button up tunic - ross]
[studded bag - ross $25]
[black belt - forever 21]
[silver bangles - super old]
[red heart necklace - random dollar store by g-ma's house]
[large teardrop stone ring - downtown LBC farmer's market $1]
[flip flops - old, my feet have been getting so beat up lately so i couldnt even wear cute sandals today... gallon of bleach, new shoes, evil twig! :( ]

inspired by the clever Miss BBM (from Big Beautyful Mess)

had an early Easter dinner/lunch (lunner/dunch) with my momma at LB's Shorehouse Cafe
then last minute drinks with my bitches that i have missed oh so much ;)

[makeup - no special cosmetics... if anyone wants to kno i'll share... just a black smokey eye that i learned from some online tutorial and avon peach lipgloss that translated to super nude pink on me (yay) have been stealing face (particularly the white powder trick, which is wonderful!) routines form Delmy at Fashion Bananas]
sorry that last pic is the best one i have of my entire outfit lolz not that it isn't a great photo on its own :P
[blue off the shoulder graphic top - Islands Plus (LB)]
[Almost Famous stretch washed skinny's - ross, many moons ago]
[black faux suede OTK boots from Charlotte Russe - $40?]
[black studded bag - ross $25]
[silver earrings - oldy but rarely get to wear-y]

hope everyone is having a great (Easter) weekend!!!!



  1. I have that same plaid shirt! I love how you layered the dress with it:) Cuteness on both outfits!

  2. I love the dress from the first pictures!

  3. and I love the fact that you turn your inspiration into a real outfit! :D

    and the last picture, your jumping picture is pure FUN! :D love it!

  4. BEST compliment EVER! thanks for trying out that dress with a dress outfit! u LOOK supa dupa cute my dearest! and thx for the mention, i REALLY appreciate it!

    oh yeah! lovin the new banner ... i wish i had a cool banner like u! mines so plain jane! oh wellz.

    thx again love!