Friday, April 2, 2010

Bargain Orgasm... all over my fingers...

lolz... i'ma a perv... i know :) here's a mini haul of some things i've picked up in the past week... including a fist full of ringssss! all of them ONE DOLLAR each ;D as a matter of fact... all these baubles were a buck each :)

[oval turquoise ring, teardrop stone ring, white skull ring - downtown LB farmer's market... black acrylic ring with real yellow daisy inside - random dollar store]

[enamel deep red heart necklace and black pearls/chains/ribbon necklace - random dollar store... black necklace with tassel (i've always had a thing for tassels... gives me that 20's woman's boudoir vibe) - farmer's market]

[black and gold sequin headband - farmers market... i just looooove this headband!!!! but i am notorious for buying shit that i love... then never ever wearing it :( so im gonna make a conscious effort to wear this one at least, because its so wonderful]

and here is the rest of my bargain orgasms that cost a bit more than a dollar ;)
[blue off the shoulder graphic print top - Island Plus (LB) $8.99 on sale... this style is pretty much everywhere now so i'm sure u guys have seen how atrocious it looks on a hanger lolz, this was actually the 1st one i ever tried on... gud thing too cuz i love me some shoulder baring! lolz]

[black drapey sleeveless top - Norma Kamali (at Walmart) $7.00 on sale... super comfy and slouchy and perfect! i'm not sure if its meant to be worn this way, but it can go as a REALLY deep neck, off both shoulders, or off one shoulder... did i tell you guys i love me some shoulder baring?! lolz]

[dun dunna nuuuuunn! my very first pair of carrot pants! lolz Levi's dark grey pleated and tapered pants - Ross $8.99 clearance... the exact same pair in purple have been eyeing me for weeks! (remember BBM! lolz) i liked these much better tho, purple was a bit too intense for me lolz.. like how i use my coat hooks?]

[last but not least, turquoise Reaction by Kenneth Cole wallet - Ross $12.99... its much more green than baby blue, like in the picture... damn flash ;/]



  1. yay I love bargain orgasm lol! the jewellery and headband is to die for- soooo gorgeous!! cute tshirt & wallet too, can't wait to see in those carrot pants :)

  2. That headband is fantastic, I want! I love the skull ring too.

  3. shut up! u found it again! well except its black ... woo-hoo!!! cant wait to see u rock dem carrot pants yo!