Monday, April 19, 2010

lady like monster ootd

ran a few errands, bargain orgasm'd, saw my besty and her hubby's new crib, hung out with my cuzzz :) = nice day.

when i pictured this outfit in my head... i really wanted to set my hair in some rods and have super curly Annie hair and top it off with the headband... but i was low on time and didn't have enough to set my hair properly... here is the failed attempt (set for about 20 mins before showering) but it wasn't how i wanted it (not that it didnt look nice, maybe for another day)

so heres the outfit w/my regular sucky hair lolz... i swear me & the time management!

[graphic tee (actually says "Sexy Beast" at the bottom lolz) - Ross (old), blue skirt - thrifted (for details see here), belt - thrifted, daisy fuentes sandals - Kohls (old), headband, blue pearl earrings, and silver/turquoise ring - all from LBC farmers market, & random bracelets]

my life is pretty casual so i don't plan a lot of non fun outfits lolz... so since i bought this skirt i'd been thinking about a fun way to wear it... and i've had this graphic tee for a while... and i thought it'd be perfect with the really demure skirt... this outfit really makes me feel fun and crazy! yay for that :)



  1. RaWr! I am loving the tee!! Super cute! I almost bought rollers to set my hair, but I don't have enough patience for it lol but your didn't turn out shabby.

  2. Ahhh, you're so cute! A fellow Asian girl! :) I'm half Filipina!

    Your outfit is cute, I'm gonna follow you.

  3. iza!!!! ure so freakin cute i could eat u! bbm ♥ iza !!!

  4. sorry for the morbid comment ... didnt know how else to express myself. LOL.

  5. @Nik- yea not too bad for 20mins... i've done it before where i put them in when my hair is damp & sleep w/the rods on... maaan i'm like the Filipino Annie! lmao no joke... i'll make sure to blog it next time ;)

    @Gazel- yaaay Filipina blogger! thank u so much for following :) btw... u should follow Big Beautyful Mess too ;) she's another fab-ooh Pinay blogger... what are u half with? u look full filipino to me lolz

    @BBM- lmao not morbid at all! i love ya tooooo! mauh! :) just don't go murdering me and wearing my skin as an Iza coat... that'd be a bit morbid lolz

  6. HEYYY what the heck--I totally commented on this post yesterday! :( SAD BEANSSSS.

    anyway, I loooove this shirt!!! hehe. SEXY BEAST! lol :D And YESSS to DIY fixes for things that don't fit! lol :)


  7. aww pooh sorry it disappeared :( i even looked in my mail trash to see if i might have deleted it or accidentally rejected it... but i didnt! anywho...

    thank you hunny! :) if only i had thought to fix those things sooner lolz took me 2 years to figure it out! im sucha slow poke sumtimes ^_^

  8. Your hair looked gaw-jus and I'm loving the outfit, especially that skirt!

  9. i LOVE this look! the headband, the belted skirt... you know i always think i can't pull it off but you make it look so effortless! this week i'm going to make myself try it out :)