Friday, April 2, 2010

he may know fashion...

"there isn't a woman on the planet who would say, 'Oh I want people to think I have a fat butt and big hips!'"
-Michael Kors (judging a dress on Project Runway 4/1/10)

I thought this was just ridiculous! i myself have come to love, appreciate, and enjoy my body... but boy oh boy if i had to get some sort of physical enhancement surgery... a few inches of butt/hip implants would be the first on the list!!!! I would love a coffee table booty lmao, seriously. So i think michael kors doesn't know what he's talking about in this department.

the man who REALLY knows what he's talking about ;)



  1. lmao!!! I sooooooooo love you! When I workout, I go hard core on legs and the butt cause I've always said that I want the ass of a stripper! hahaha

  2. You have to check this out!