Monday, April 19, 2010

old Daisy Fuentes sandals fix

so i got these really cute daisy fuentes sandals from Kohls like yeaaaars ago (as a matter of fact i wore them on my first date with my bf :) <3 awww... and that was over 2 years ago lolz) ive kept them around cuz i really like them... but i never wear them because the straps are too tight and uncomfortable for my wide load feet :P... so i decided last night that i'd do some editing ;)

here's the before:

so i snipped that strap at the sandal base (it weaves through three flowers and ends up entering the base again at the lower inside of the sandal):
(sorry the sandals aren't the same, i go back & forth between the left and the right)

so then i took the strap that i snipped and tucked it back and knotted it around another criss crossing strap right underneath one of the flowers so that its hidden when i wear them ;)

and you can't even tell a strap is missing ;)

so i should be sportin these more often now that they're not so painful :)

hope this helps if any of u gals are experiencing footie pain do to uncomfy sandals u may own... just a little editing might just make them wearable again ;)

u guys like my chinese new year pedicure? (red with gold glitter on top ;))


  1. haha @ "Free the pinky toes" love it! The sandals are cute though and you really can't tell a difference.