Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i shoulda wore green today!

first off... let's go CELTICS!!!!!!! thank you for taking out Miami tonight so that I can enjoy my birthday dinner on Thursday without having to worry about game 6 lolz ;)
my favorite starting 5 ;) [pic from the Boston Herald]

[ahhh to watch EVERY game w/my poppa from these seats = HEAVEN! (MY pic from our actual seats last december! ::gloat:: ;))]

I dragged my non sports enthusiast cousin to watch this game with me... well more like have food and talk to me while I watch the game going on behind her head ;) lolz THANKS Lanella <3 before that we had went to her job (Forever 21!) and tried on some things... i'm usually always broke now a days but with my birthday this Thursday i have some birthday paper rollin in lolz so i wanted to see if there was anything ahead of time that i really wanted... here's some stuff i tried on...

some shoes from Aldo, the wedges are fucking DYNAMITE! but i love the style of the lace up with the stacked little heel... i wish the laces were REAL though because it would allow for more comfort for my footsies... hopefully someone makes an affordable version soon with actual working laces ;) yeah-uh

here's what i tried on at Forever, all things from the Faith 21 section and the peachy orange top is my own (from old navy) and sorry i couldn't find any of these pieces online :(
[i love love LOOOVE this skirt :D probably gonna buy it tomorrow... i asked my cousin why the hell they ALWAYS have to add that black elastic band to EVERY plus sized skirt (the affordable ones anyways) and she told me they just like doing that to fat girls lolz, don't worry gals she's a curvy female too! i just love criticizing plus sized fashion* with her sometimes!... anywho, sorry sidetracked lolz, the skirt is a polka dot denim with 2 pockets in the front... i reaaaaally like the way it looks! if i dont get this 1 i will 4 sure get a similar one (maybe the blue 1 with the tie that i've seen Gabi rock so awesomely ;))]

[i'll share this skirt even though i didn't like it very much... it's a black and white almost silk fabric with the dreaded black elastic band of doom ;/ i dont mind the band its just that i like the way a-line or flared skirts look on me better than this almost straight down cut]

[now i gotta say that this picture does not do the shape of this floral tea party dress any justice! i love EVERYTHING about it! and i'll admit, when it comes to dressing i don't really do the all over demure covering up thing... im not too endowed in the chest so i take advantage and wear low cut tops and i love my legs so i love a mini length/short anything but this dress has a pretty high neckline and is quite long, imo... yet i am still totally in love with it. wearing this dress makes me feel like a lady ;D LOLZ im thinking i'll buy it and make it my go-to weddings dress ;) yay or nay?]

[now this is my FAAAAVORIGHT! and is gonna be a definite buy! (if u guys see me on twitter tomorrow trying to be cheap and trying to convince myself NOT to buy this... please virtua-slap me!) it fits me perfectly! love the summery/sailor-ish print, button details on the chest, strapless, short length, empire waist, and i think if i remember correctly... it has pocketsss!!!!... just lovely :) seriously guys... if u smell any wiff of me saying im not gonna buy this tomorrow... punch me in the head!]

hopefully my shopping turns out well tomorrow! FINALLY (hopefully) going to make my way to H&M! bout time! lolz can't wait to share w/u guys


* i meant bad plus sized fashion :)


  1. You were right about leaving BBall out of your twitter & blogging friendship! LOL enough said about that..HMMM
    Any whoo very cute picks, girl you got some good legs show them off!

  2. That floral tea party dress does wonders for you. Wow. :P

    Yeah. I hate the black band for the skirts too wtf. so pangit lmao

  3. The blue polka dot dress is awesome. I can tell you like it also with the way you are flinging your leg up (lol). Gorgeous...


  4. I love the dresses. I really like the blue polka dot dress :)


  5. the polka dot dress is too cute! you should def. buy!! too bad we don't have faith21 here, well we don't have alot of nice stores here

  6. They all look great! Dang girl...hot legs!
    Thx for the shout out:)I have that black and white skirt too...so cute!

  7. Oooh, love that blue polka dot dress too. I have a blue polka dot dress too - it makes me happy on days when I need a bit of fun in my life :)

  8. I think I need to go to forever 21. I love that floral tea party dress. I've been looking for a dress in that style for a while now.
    let's go to a tea party shall we? lol
    everything is really cute though! I love it!