Sunday, April 18, 2010

weekend outfit, fun, photos, and even a club review

this was my fun weekend :)

Mingle and Plei with my old friend Fatima and her girlfriend Mariela and their friend Willy. Also met up with Nikstar (from xoxo Nikstar) and she is just as delightful in person as she is in her blog! hopefully we'll be able to hang out again in the future :) enjoyed board games, drinks, a little dancing, and a lotta laughs this night! ;D
[this was my intended outfit for the night... but that belt was just doing nothing for me but reading SANTA HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS when paired with the new red dress (from Faith 21, sorry not available online) and plus something was telling me to go with flats, so i decided to work it differently ;)]

[random giant dog unleashed outside of random liquor store in LA, man i love Cali]

[me tryina be a model ;P]

[ended the night the best way possible! with tacos from a 24hr joint! wut u kno about my rabanos lolz mmmmmm ;)]

Friday's outfit consisted of:
- red empire waist cap sleeve cotton dress (Faith 21, around $20) i loooove the way this dress fits on me! i know u can't tell really but it has such great darts and pleating in ALL the right places (must remember to take photo of the back! must!) and it flares out just enough from the thick empire waist band
- brown woven zipper belt - random store in Cerritos mall
- black opaque tights, i thought these really weren't gonna work with the red and brown combo of my outfit but i think it fits in pretty well :)
- brown faux suede over the knee boots - Ross, these have really cute buckle and lace details on the back and can be worn folded or unfolded
- gold delicate dangly hoop earrings (old), gold heart and fortune cookie necklace (old), California 2 finger ring (Forever 21), faceted bronze/gold bangle (old), glass ring with gold flecks (old) decided to show a nice picture showing the details of that ring cuz i reaaaally love it :)

Mingle and Plei (in Los Angeles) review
I first heard of this place from Nikstar's boyfriend Ryan (check out his super funny comic/blog The Adventures of Coochie, Piggy, and the Chickenhead, how can u NOT check it out with that title?! lolz) who works there. You can check out more details on what Mingle and Plei is all about here. It's basically a night club that ISN'T a typical night club... there's drinks and music and a dance floor... but there's also jenga, monopoly, dominoes, guess who, scrabble, battleship, and loads of other nostalgia type games for everyone to enjoy freely (as long as tables and boards permit) and also hula hoop and musical chair competitions! It's the freshest concept i've ever seen in the late night adult entertainment department and really worth checking out if youre in the LA area or willing to drive out here. There's definitely a large turnout of people all night and a good mix of hip-hop/reggae/r&b music pumpin. I have pretty much only one gripe about this place and that is that they should really try and find a bigger venue. From what I know they've been around for a while and they've really grown in popularity, because of this the place was pretty much jam packed ALL night! I really think they should consider finding a place with a larger dance floor and just straight up more space. Aside from this though, everything was pretty enjoyable :).

i got invited to a bonfire at Bolsa Chica beach by Fatima, Mariela, and their friends. Ended up meeting a couple of super nice and funny gals :), scraping up my thighs on gravel that was supposedly sand :(, charring some hot dogs, drinking, listening to some great guitar playing, and shooting the shit til the wee hours of the night. lovely :)

[don't mind my unhappy looking face lolz it got pretty cold when we were outta the water and our bonfire was pretty much a FAIL ;x aaand this is the only pic i took of myself all day]

i know i really should have took photos of my swimwear, not that its anything new, but just so u guys kno wut i wear when i take a dip, cuz i love seeing wut u other chiquitas rock for the sun and sand! 

hope everyone had a blast this weekend too!



  1. great ring, love the belt!!


  2. You look great! I love the outfit! I'm glad you had a blast this weekend xD

  3. Maria! I had sooooooooo much fun! :D I truly enjoyed your company! I can't wait to do it again!!!!! :-D

  4. OMG you two are look hella fine!

    grrr, i see some foxy ladies right thuurrrr!

  5. i am SOOOO jealous u guys got to meet! all of u looked so fab! we all have to meet one day!

  6. Awww You and Nik are so cute! I <3 her! hehe :D uh hello--meetup soon? kthnx. definitely add BBM to the list. 'Cause she's so damn cute too! haha

  7. @Melissa- thank you :) funny enough i was really settling when i bought that belt cuz i just really needed a brown belt... who knew i'd like it so much lolz

    @LaCara- thanks hun! hope u had a great weekend too :)

    @Nik- DITTO!!!!!! <3

    @Lodi- heehee, thanks Lodi! we were tryina impress each other i guess lolz :P

    @BBM- thanks sweetie... and YES, definitely! i'm so ready to tear some venue apart with all u beautiful bloggers! ;)

    @CGC- thank youuu! and me too she's so sweet and adorable and fierce in person! lolz i know right! we shoulda thought of this while u were in cali a few weeks ago :/... blah... next time! lets go to boiling crab!!! hahaha like for real... after some shopping ;D... im like way too excited already lolz