Friday, April 9, 2010

doesn't make sense to me

why are hot women always getting cheated on?! is it some sort of code that if you're super fuckin hot or really attractive and an all around nice person (i.e. sandra bullock) you have to be some sort of prudish prune in the sack? because i clearly cannot see any other reason why these douche bags would cheat! and yes i understand that they are in fact attractive, spotlight centered celebrities so things that happen to them are amplified and seem more out of place than oh say when someone cheats on Heather Matarazzo (fugly girl from Princess Diaries) or Jocelyn Wildenstein (aka the bride of Wildenstein)

i've come to this conclusion today after i saw that Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon (from the Jamie Foxx show and NYPD) has also just discovered that her... not so handsome husband... has been having a 5 year affair behind her back with "some slut in chicago." oh yea did i mention she wrote an e-mail to all of his coworkers outing him? lolz
i just wonder what it is with THESE men... is it because their women are celebrities that they feel like they need to get it on with a "regular" woman ahem or man, in some cases, on occasion. I dunno... i guess it just irked me a bit because i'm sure these women aren't exceptionally shitty people... they're probably as moody and carry as much 'tude as a few of us do... but it seems as though many of these Hollywood women can't keep a man loyal to save their lives! while on the other hand i see many "regular" folks (as in regular life style not necessarily regular appearance lolz ;)) holding down steady and healthy relationships with men who appreciate them as if they were celebrities... blah... who knows... sorry... just rambling guys! :) but i DID find the topic for my next post! mwahahaha

feel free to tell me what u guys think, if you have any sort of opinions on this type of thing in Hollywood

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  1. IDK, I think it just seems as if celebs are getting the shit end of the stick because their lives are more public than us regular folk. it sucks either way it goes...and it just goes to prove that no matter how beautiful you are, a dog will stray. :( grr!