Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bargain Orgasm/product review - cosmetics edition

just wanted to share a few super bargain finds of some really great products i've come across recently... first off is this Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream (with Apricot Extract) that i randomly found at a 99cent store... i'm kind of an obsessive fiend about my cuticles, not that they look super great all the time... but i love finding products that helps soften them and make them look better... and also i rarely ever get manicures... i usually take care of my own fingers and toes, so when i can find an at home treatment for my fingers/toes area... i think its great!

its a tub about the size of a lip balm container (0.4 oz to be exact)... i didn't have very high expectations for this product so i was very pleasantly surprised by the results... its a very thick cream, pretty much the consistency of lip balm but creamier... you just apply a very minimal amount to your cuticle and nail (because i read in some reviews online that it strengthens your nails as well, after continued use) and let it absorb... it takes a while to do this so its best to do it before bed or when you kind of have idle time for your hands i.e. watching tv, at a stoplight (i dunno if i condone this one tho lolz)... after its soaked in your cuticles will look FAB-OOOH! i suppose my only con is that the results don't last permanently (not yet anyways, i've only had it for less than a week) after maybe a day and some hand washing/dishes/showering... your cuticles lose the majority of the soft supple appearance... but i can honestly say i've noticed an overall greater appearance after just a week and a few applications... it also says it helps prevent hang-nails (which i get plenty of) so hopefully over time it'll be successful in getting rid of those too... i'll let ya guys know if they become less frequent :)... so i got it for a buck... but its available in pharmacies and drugstores (like Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, etc) at around $4.99 a tub... but i also found it at Overstock Drugstore for $3.96 :) 

next up is this Almay Nearly Naked touch pad liquid makeup (spf 12) in 320 Honey, that i got from Big Lots for $3.50 

if you guys know what its like shopping for name brand cosmetics at discount places then you know their selection is pretty minimal... this case was no different... they had maybe 4-5 of this product out on display... all of them the same shade... i looked at it and it has a small swatch of the shade on the cardboard packaging then a foil cover over the actual pad which is supposed to be the actual shade... i'm really bad at knowing/guesstimating my skin tone... so i put the swatch on the cardboard up against my face and turned to my Bae and asked him if it matched lolz desperate measures right? and of course he had no idea wut to tell me... he looked iffy about it tho... so i wasn't sure... ive always wanted to try this foundation brand and especially this product (i don't really like powder... it makes me feel like i have a freaky porcelain doll face lolz i dunno, i think its just me)... anywho lucky for me Big Lots has a great policy on their products... i asked the cashier if i could buy it and open it right there at the front of the store and try it on on my actual face and if it didn't work out could i just return it... and all she said was make sure you keep your receipt and the packaging... AWESOME! (i love a great return policy lolz who doesnt?!) off topic: do they do that at regular pharmacies/drug stores? i have no idea what their policy is on cosmetics but i always think its very strict... anywho... so i tried it... and its perfect! very sheer so it takes a couple of layers to do some evening out but thats fine with me... i'd rather start off with not enough... then too much, ya dig? lolz... i came home and did a half-face test run... and its great... does well with evening out and covering redness... and very easy to apply...  i googled it and didn't see it available in any stores, only ebay and amazon starting at around 4 bucks... i totally recommend it for those who aren't very big make-up types but want something simple to even out the face discolorations and what not... i guess i have combo skin (dry in some areas, oily in others... and also varying by season) but i use a neutrogena face lotion beforehand so this make-up doesn't make much of a difference... its not very hydrating though so i wouldn't recommend it to women who have dry/very dry skin and don't use any sort of moisturizer first.

okay and for my last product... i got this really pretty Revlon sheer powder blush in Pinking of You (what a cute name, huh!) also for $3.50 from Big Lots
not too much of a review on this one, i've been searching for a bright pink blush for a while... i thought this might fit the bill but its pretty sheer and still a pretty neutral pink... i was hoping it'd be a bit brighter but still not a bad thing to have in one's Caboodle ;)... pretty sure this isn't available in stores any more either... but its easy to find online via ebay and amazon starting at 3-4 bucks.

i know i should have done some skin test photos but as you can see the flash on my hunny's camera is washing everything out so i doubt they'd look very helpful... maybe next time :)


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  1. I really should get some cuticle cream as my cuticles are a hot mess... Nice review!