Friday, April 9, 2010

theres a plastic in my posse

women love their girls... they love having that group of women, whether small or big, friends or family... that they shop with, gossip with, have fun days with, lunch with, dinner with, club with, drink with, shoot the shit with, whatever! some women even have different groups for different purposes, like myself... i have different women in my life for different purposes... ones to talk deep meaningful things with, ones to talk random seinfeld-like things (or non-things lolz) with, ones to do shallow mindless girl things with, etc... but amongst these many women we keep in our lives for the many different reasons... sometimes there is one who seems to only be around to rain on your parade, to throw salt at you, and to completely disregard and knock down the good things that occur in your life... why they are even in your circle still, not to mention to begin with, is a hard question to answer.

obviously this situation applies to any combination of men and their close friends, women who keep close men friends for said purposes, and men who keep close women friends as well (even though i believe this issue plagues more women than it does men)

i myself am currently faced with this predicament... there is someone in my inner circle of men and women who has repeatedly thrown his/her grainy, bitter, and down right hateful salt on my sweet life... i'm not here to judge at all whether his/her life is something that they have reason to be bitter for... that's not the issue... the issue is that he/she cannot manage to ever stop being selfish, to the point that he/she can never find themselves able to be happy for me in my most happy moments... all they can manage to do is find some sort of hateful thing to say... or some sort of selfish comment/issue/bull shit predicament... that steers us back to his/her own life... this person even makes snide and extremely mean remarks as if we were back in high school or something!... but in a way as to sound like he/she is being friendly or its all in good fun... BULL SHIT.

sometimes i question whether it is just me being too sensitive because i honestly have never had groups of friends that act like this (like the Plastics from Mean Girls) i don't know what its like to keep friends/people around who its constantly a battle to be around because all they spend their time doing is trying to one-up everyone around them... i have to have better clothes/girlfriend or boyfriend/life/this/that/everything!... all they do is yap out of their butts about how "oh wow you got that... that's nice, but you know my blah blah blah was way more expensive and better quality, but yours is nice too, i guess." and i have NEVER been, or ever will be dragged down to become, a person like that... who gets their happiness from belittling everyone around them... so i never retaliate with this person, i don't hurt their feelings back and play these little children mind games... i personally always thought it was a sign of low self esteem, which i figure is the case for this person because they throw excessive amounts of salt when i happen to fit nicer, or fit AT ALL, into something that they wanted. that's not my fault. don't take that shit out on me. seriously. ugh.

like really? how do i even deal with that? and am i even supposed to?! 

i just don't know... this person just feels so poisonous in my life... ive contemplated just letting the relationship taper off... but its harder than it seems in this specific case.

it would be nice if this person would just realize that they're acting like a 16 year old piece of shit and its time to grow the fuck up already... lolz but knowing this person, i doubt that'll happen.

poo sticks!


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  1. To be honest girl, just let them go. If they're constantly being negative you don't need that in ya life. I've been there many times (unfortunately) and I've had to let people go, as hard as it is, it is the right thing to do. Why would you want to hang with someone if they're always negative, its exhausting and depressing. Its your choice, but what are they offering besides negativity?