Sunday, April 11, 2010

stop shutter buggin me

messin around with the Bae's webcam today before i went to meet him up for din-din... i think i've finally found a make-up routine that i am confident in and am willing to do every day :) woot!
[ i know they say people with rounder faces/heads shouldn't part down the middle... but i think i kinda like it :)... now here's me tryina capture my OOTD using the "burst" on the webcam... lmao turned into 10 photos of me as a goober tryina work the cam hahaha im sucha bad poser (3 and 4 are like me doing the robot, i just noticed lmao)]
[blue (big cowl neck) long top - Ross, the trusty brown bomber - the Wal, grey leggings - Target, nothing that i've recently purchased but this was my first time wearing this blue top... and i just love it! i love how it fits on top, super comfy and slouchy]

i starved myself all day so i could eat a whole rack of Jack Daniels ribs... so worth it!!!



  1. aaw you look so cute and the minty colored nail polish reminds me of "for Audrey" by China Glaze

  2. thanks girls! :) honestly its more of a green mylanta color... but sometimes it looks like it glows lolz i think this polish is a bit bi-polar (fyi just a random $1 bottle from a beauty supply store!)